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Best Hotels in Houston’s Energy Corridor

Got alotta energy? Welcome to Houston Energy Corridor. From tried and true classics to local mainstays, we’ll keep you comfy in hotels you‘ll love.

Home to many of the world’s most powerful energy companies, Houston’s Energy Corridor is a unique suburb with beautiful outdoor spaces. Here you can enjoy over 26,000 acres of reservoirs and bayous, parks and endless trails. Plus, world class cuisine and ample shopping. Houston’s Energy Corridor has plenty to offer and we’ve got hotels to match.

Why We Love Houston’s Energy Corridor

Lush outdoors and friendly community. Here’s why we love Houston’s Energy Corridor.

  • Solid hotels: When you’re staying outside the city, you want something you can rely on. We’ve got you covered with all the classic hotels you know and love right in the center of Houston’s Energy Corridor. Love free breakfast? You got it. Onsite pool? You bet.
  • Great outdoors: Get ready for some sunshine. Houston’s Energy Corridor is home to golfing, tennis, biking, walking, jogging or roller-blading fans alike. Check out the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs including George Bush Park, Bear Creek Park and Cullen Park. Yeah, they really love their parks.
  • Wine & dine: Whatever you’re craving, chances are Houston’s Energy Corridor probably has it. Whether you’re feelin’ Texas classics like barbeque and steak or ready to switch it up with Greek, Italian or Japanese — they’ve got you covered.
  • Farmer’s Market: The farmer’s market in Houston’s Energy Corridor is a must-see. Open every Saturday from 9AM to 1PM, the market gives the community access to locally grown and seasonal fresh foods.
  • More to explore: Looking for more? Venture outside of Houston’s Energy Corridor and see more of the city. Head downtown to catch an Astros game, enjoy Market Square Park or get a look at the Space Center.

Where to find the best hotels in Houston’s Energy Corridor

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