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Houston is a vibrant, bustling Texas city, but you can still find plenty of peace, quiet and natural beauty near this metropolis. Located just 20 miles north of downtown Houston is one of the area's most serene, picturesque neighborhoods, Kingwood. This master-planned community has everything you could want in a suburb--expansive parks, beautiful homes and apartments and charming shopping and dining centers. Kingwood is where Houston locals move when they want to relax and enjoy the beauty and peace of their surroundings, and I definitely saw the appeal during my recent trip to Houston. While visiting Houston for a week, I decided that I wanted to get outside of the busy downtown and experience Houston like a local--and many locals live in neighborhoods like Kingwood, which has been nicknamed the "Livable Forest." So I booked a great last-minute hotel in Kingwood through HotelTonight and soaked in the beauty and easygoing lifestyle of this Houston suburb.

The Lake

Lake Houston is technically a reservoir, but the locals simply refer to it as the lake. This large, beautiful body of water is one of the many reasons why Kingwood is such an attractive place to live for Houston locals. If you want to go boating, kayaking, fishing or swimming, Lake Houston is the place to be. There are a number of great beaches at Lake Houston that are ideal for families, and there are also fantastic walking, hiking and biking trails along the shore. So if you want to get outside, get active and enjoy a day at the lake, you'll love staying in Kingwood.

The Parks

During my stay in Houston, I quickly discovered that this city puts more emphasis on public spaces than almost every other city I've ever visited. There is no shortage of great nature parks and community green spaces in Houston, and Kingwood is particularly full of great parks. Some of the best parks I discovered in the area include the East End Park, the Creekwood Nature Area and the Lake Houston Wilderness Park.

Town Center

Kingwood is a small, welcoming community that is home to expansive green spaces and peaceful natural scenery, but there's also a good selection of dining and shopping. The Kingwood Town Center is a small, yet charming, shopping and dining center, and it's where locals go to grab a bite to eat and socialize with their neighbors. In the heart of the Town Center is a pretty park, which hosts many community events and festivities throughout the year. It didn't take me long to realize that Kingwood is a great place to live for locals, but it's also a great place for visitors to stay while in Houston.

HotelTonight – Last-Minute Hotels in Kingwood Houston

As Texas' biggest city and one of its most popular destinations, Houston is an exciting city to visit, whether you're visiting for business or pleasure. There are plenty of great neighborhoods to explore in Houston, and I recently discovered one of my favorite suburbs of the city--Kingwood. I was immediately drawn to the relaxed atmosphere and strong sense of community in Kingwood, and I'm glad I was able to experience this unique Houston suburb, which was only possible because HotelTonight helped me book a fantastic last-minute hotel in Kingwood, Houston in just a few clicks on my computer.