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Charlotte, North Carolina is a city where the past, the present and the future all converge to form a metropolis that offers something valuable for almost everyone who seeks it. I have been coming here for a long time for work, but it was only recently that I made the decision to start putting more time into getting to know it. After all, you only learn so much about a city by seeing the inside of its office buildings and a few conference rooms. I wanted to learn what it was like to actually live here, so I started extending my business trips by 24 hours. That gave me a day to explore a new part of the city. On my last trip, I chose to explore the neighborhood of Myers Park. I had never really spent any time there, and I wanted to go out and talk to the locals and see what there was to see. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay, either, as I always travel with HotelTonight. This powerful app would help me find a Myers Park Charlotte hotel room as soon as I was ready.

The Affluence

The first thing that hits you directly when you begin walking through Myers Park is its obvious affluence. This is a neighborhood where there is a lot of wealth, but it's not that garish, in-your-face wealth that leaves you feeling uncomfortable. There are a lot of grand old homes here that have been maintained impeccably for generations, and that brings out a beauty that cannot be duplicated by any new developer, no matter how talented. I enjoyed walking around and taking photos of some of these gorgeous homes, and I did get to talk to some of the people who live here.

The Park

I decided to stick with my outside theme for the day and spend some time in a place called Freedom Park. This was not really like any other public park I had ever seen in the United States. Yes, the grounds were maintained perfectly and the families there were all enjoying themselves, but there were things there to explore that you don't see anywhere else, such as an old steam engine that children were playing on freely. Once again, I walked around and talked to some of the people who live there, and every one of them was incredibly nice.

The Cuisine

You know a neighborhood like this one is going to have some very nice choices for a person looking for dinner, and that was certainly the case. One of the couples I spoke to talked about an Italian place that was quite popular with the locals. I went there and ordered the pasta primavera, and it was about as tasty as any Italian dish I had ever tried. It was light, flavorful and full of goodies. The wine that went with it was also perfect.

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I was full and had enjoyed a great day, but now it was time for HotelTonight to do its thing. I opened the app and it immediately found a list of Myers Park Charlotte hotels near me based on my current location. I chose one and booked a room, ready to rest well.