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San Jose, California is a city that in some ways is miscast to those who have not seen it. This is not a place where everyone simply taps away on their keyboards every day in a coffee shop or state-of-the-art office building and goes home to their standard living spaces. This is a vibrant and eclectic city with a lot of different personalities tossed into a big melting pot to result in a community that's quite unique. I knew this much before my last business trip to San Jose, but I had not really seen all that the different neighborhoods had to offer. I was going to change that on my last venture there, and I did so by scheduling my return flight for 24 hours after my last meeting. I wanted to see North San Jose. I wasn't worried about lodging, either, as my HotelTonight app would help me find a North San Jose hotel room in seconds when I was ready to get some sleep.

The Sporting Culture

One of the things I did not expect to discover with regards to North San Jose when I got there was the way in which the culture was tied to active, sporting-like activities. On the day I was there, soccer fans were gathering near Avaya Stadium to watch their beloved San Jose Earthquakes play a Major League Soccer Match. As I got a bit further away from the stadium, I saw a lot of people walking around with golf clubs, as there is a public course right here in the neighborhood that is not only convenient but also provides a nice challenge for those who play.

The Flea Market

San Jose is seen as the ultimate in modern, technology-driven community perhaps in the world, but most certainly in the United States. The last thing I expected to see when here was a Flea Market, but North San Jose is home to one that's so big in size it has to be seen to be believed. It was a lot like most other swap meets you'll see across the country, although some of the items that were being offered were perhaps a bit different given the obvious influence of the technology industry here. It was fun to just walk around and see the locals work different deals with each other.

The Park

San Jose is also not a place where people tend to think of a lot of open spaces, but you'll find plenty of them around town, including in North San Jose. I walked by Penitencia Creek Park, and I decided to walk through it to have a look. Not only was it enormous, but it was green, clean and inviting. I saw families out there flying kites, hikers and runners using the pristine trail that's there and youth baseball games being played. It was gorgeous.

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After such an active day, it was time to find my place to stay. I opened the HotelTonight app and found a North San Jose hotel room immediately. I looked forward to a restful night of sleep, satisfied that I had learned a bit more about this beautiful city.