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There are certain cities that are among the largest in the United States that most people do not think of in that manner. San Jose, California is definitely one of those cities. It's one of the 10 largest in the country in terms of population. I had been there a few times in the past, but I had never had any time to myself to explore it on my own terms and on my own time. I recently had to return to San Jose for meetings, and I purposely scheduled my return flight for 24 hours after my work obligations were complete. It was time for me to learn more about this place that has always piqued my curiosity. I chose to spend those 24 hours downtown. I wasn't worried about lodging, either, as I always traveled with HotelTonight, the app that helps people find accommodations at the last minute. I'd have no trouble finding a downtown San Jose hotel room when the time arrived.

The Different Types of Living

Whenever I'm in the downtown area of a city, I always assume that whatever living arrangements are scarce in number and similar in look and style. That's not the case in downtown San Jose. I found it extremely interesting that people who live in this part of town can live in apartments, townhouses, condos and even bungalows. I never would have thought that there would be so many options, but within these dwellings are quite different types of people as well. I ran into young professionals, families and some folks who seemed to be enjoying retirement.

Outdoor Entertainment

One of the perks that I noticed while exploring downtown San Jose was that the people who do live here can go out and have fun without leaving the neighborhood. This is not just some blocked-off area filled with high-rises and office buildings. On any given night, people can watch movies at St. James park in the summer, see concerts in the main plaza or partake in the nightlife that's built around these types of activities, as everything is nearby and the people here just seem to like to spend their free time under the stars.

The Food

Finally, I need to mention that San Jose is quickly becoming a destination for foodies. I didn't expect that, either, but as you walk around downtown you'll see several different gastropubs and other types of specialty places including those that serve tapas and sweets. I had dinner at a steakhouse there and it was nothing short of fantastic. The steak was nice and pink in the middle, the rub they used was delicious and the garlic mashed potatoes were perfectly seasoned to work with the rest of my meal. The craft beer I had with it was very tasty as well.

HotelTonight – Downtown San Jose Hotels Are Available

After that big and delicious dinner, it was time for me to find a place to stay for the night. I opened my HotelTonight app and within seconds, I had a downtown San Jose hotel room all ready to go. I was going to sleep very well after such an active day, and I was glad that I took the time to explore this lovely neighborhood.