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They say that the United States is a melting pot, and there are a lot of different cities that contribute to that notion. When thinking of such cities, not many tend to think of San Jose, California in my experience. However, they should, as San Jose is a veritable stew of different people coming from all different parts of the world. They tend to celebrate their cultures, but in an open way such that they want as many people as possible to be introduced to them and to enjoy them. I know this for a fact, as I have been to San Jose many times, and each time I've been there I've picked one neighborhood to enjoy for 24 hours. On my most recent work trip there, I chose to explore Japantown. I couldn't wait to see what was happening there. I wasn't worried about lodging either, as I travel with HotelTonight. This powerful app would help me find a Japantown San Jose hotel room in seconds. I was ready to do some exploring.

The Farmer's Market

When you live in a climate such as the one that's present in San Jose, you have a lot of outdoor options. The folks in Japantown take advantage of this climate by having a Farmer's Market every week, all year long. I happened to be there on the day of the Farmer's Market, and it was quite something. The produce was all enormous and brightly colored, but the crafts were unlike anything I had ever seen. Everything I saw was seemingly an homage to Japanese culture, and I wanted to buy just about everything I looked at throughout the day.

The Museum

I had never heard much about neighborhoods that are steeped in Japanese culture until I had heard about the one in San Jose. I wanted to learn more about all of this, so I spent a few hours at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose. There were exhibits galore, all of which were in some way dedicated to depicting life as a Japanese person living in the United States, dating back more than 100 years. It was a fascinating look at where we all live based on the perspective of people who came here from Japan.

The Food

Of course, you can't visit a Japanese neighborhood without sampling some of the food, and I could not have been more excited, or more ravenous, for dinner. Naturally, I wanted to enjoy some authentic Japanese cuisine while here, and a nice lady gave me a recommendation and directions. It was a small place, but the service was impeccable, as was the food. My tempura was so crunchy, crispy and moist inside I wanted to bottle it up and take it home with me.

HotelTonight – Japantown San Jose Hotel Rooms Are Available

After such a thoroughly satisfying meal at the end of such a thoroughly memorable day, it was time to find my bed. I opened HotelTonight and found a Japantown San Jose hotel room instantly, and it was only a couple of blocks away. With my room booked, all that was left was the very short journey to a bed that would provide me with a very long and happy night of sleep.