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There are so many pockets of fun and beauty in Vancouver, British Columbia that you could spend weeks here and never see them all. I come to Vancouver quite a bit for business, and every time I do I try to extend my stay for a day so that I can explore a new area. Recently, I had to go back to Vancouver for work and wanted to see more of the natural side of the city. There are quite a few options for this type of experience, but I chose to spend that extra day in the West Point Grey neighborhood. It's not all that well known, but I can say now that it was worth the trip. I didn't know what I would see when I got there, but what I did know is that I would have no problem finding a West Point Grey hotel room with my HotelTonight app on my phone.

The Beaches

If you start at the corner of Alma Street and Point Grey Road, which is one of the borders of West Point Grey, and walk along the water, you'll see beaches that you never knew could exist in such a large city. The first beach you run into is Jericho Beach Park, and it is filled with people sitting on logs placed on the sand for comfort, people running and walking with their dogs and people playing soccer, tennis and volleyball. English Bay is hard to describe because of its beauty, and you can see large ships coming and going from the harbor down the water further.

The Pubs

West Point Grey is an old-school neighborhood that was actually an independent municipality from its inception in 1908 until it merged with Vancouver in 1929. You can see some of that history when you walk down a few of the main drags and see some of the old pubs that still operate. When you walk in, you'll be treated to the finest brews and spirits Canada has to offer, including a lot of different local brews that you can't find anywhere else. You'll also be introduced to different traditions that are unique to the area.

The Seafood

Sitting on the shore of English Bay, you won't have to go far for some of the best seafood you could imagine. I stopped for lunch at a place near Jericho Beach that served oyster po'boys, and the oysters were caught that morning. I might as well have been in New Orleans. Later that night, I had dinner at a restaurant that specialized in fresh seafood, and I had a glazed salmon that was out of this world. It's always nice to visit this part of the world when the salmon are running.

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As I sat and enjoyed the last of my dinner, I realized that I still needed to find a West Point Grey hotel room. I pulled out my phone and opened HotelTonight. Within a few swipes, I was all set. I had a room nearby and a lot of memories to carry me off into a deep sleep. It had been quite a day to say the least.