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To people who do not live in Canada or perhaps even to people who live in Canada but outside of British Columbia, Vancouver is just Vancouver. It is almost universally hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is known to be as friendly as it is gorgeous. However, for those of us who have spent some time here, Vancouver is a compilation of all sorts of different neighborhoods and communities. Each of them offers something unique to both the visitor and the resident, and it's long been a passion of mine to explore this city one neighborhood at a time. I was recently in Vancouver for work, and after extending my stay by a day I decided to spend that extra 24 hours exploring the neighborhood of Kitsilano. I wasn't worried about lodging, as HotelTonight would help me find a Kitsilano hotel room within seconds when my day of exploration was over.

The Beach

Who could have known that when you come to Vancouver, or Kitsilano in particular, that you could have a great day at the beach? I did not know that, but no sooner did I arrive in Kitsilano, or "Kits" as the locals refer to it, and find Kitsilano Beach Park. It's a gorgeous stretch of sand that sits right on the water, but what's interesting about it is that there is a grassy park surrounding the beach, a neighborhood surrounding the park, the city of Vancouver surrounding the neighborhood and mountains surrounding Vancouver. It's like a club sandwich of beauty, and I took some time to appreciate it.

The Food

50 years ago, Kitsilano was actually a hippy haven. Some compared it to some of the hippy districts in San Francisco and other parts of the United States. These days, it's become an affluent area for families, but that doesn't mean that you won't still find traces of Kits' hippy roots when you walk around. If you're into vegetarian or vegan fare, for instance, you'll find plenty of options here. I enjoyed a lunch at a farm-to-table place that served some of the tastiest salads I had ever experienced. Overall, if you want high-end, clean food, come to Kits.

The Shopping

I love to shop, but I tend to avoid the big-box retail outlets, especially when I travel as I can find them anywhere and I don't find their inventory to be unique. In Kitsilano, you'll find all sorts of locally owned shops and stores and quite a few boutiques. If it's souvenirs you're looking for, Kitsilano will have a lot of different options for you. I found some very nice gifts for family and friends and was quite happy with my haul.

HotelTonight – Kitsilano Hotels Are Available

At the end of such a nice day, I was ready to sleep and sleep deeply. All I had to do was pull out my phone, open HotelTonight and find a Kitsilano hotel room. I did so in a matter of seconds, and before I knew it I was relaxing in my room. This day had been a memorable one, and I was glad I treated myself to it.