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Vancouver, British Columbia is a living wonder. Every time I'm there, no matter how many times I've gazed at the snow-capped mountains that surround the city, I'm amazed at how anyplace could be so beautiful. I always look for an excuse to go back to Vancouver, and fortunately I have a job that allows for a lot of travel. I was recently given an opportunity to travel there again, and as I've done lately I decided to choose one neighborhood in Vancouver to explore for an entire day. For this trip, I wanted to see the neighborhood of Gastown. It may not sound like it's all that appealing, but after seeing it I tell anyone who asks to find a way to spend time there. I didn't have any specific plan when I got there, and that included lodging. That's because I have the HotelTonight app on my phone, so I knew I could find a Gastown hotel in seconds.

The History

I did not know this until I got there, but Gastown is the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver. A man named "Gassy Jack" opened a bar here in 1867, and the rest of the neighborhood has since grown up around it. You can still see the history when you walk down Water Street. It's lined with very old Victorian buildings and those built in other styles that are obviously well over 100 years old. It seems as though the locals have done a nice job of mixing the modern in with this history, though, as some newer buildings are seamlessly integrated into the entire scene.

The Food

Gastown is considered by many to be the foodie capital of Vancouver. It's hard to know if that's accurate or not, but one thing I do know is that it's nearly impossible to walk down any street and not stop to read a menu out of pure curiosity. The Asian influence is strong here, so I stopped and had some Chinese food for lunch that was absolutely delectable. The menu was extensive, and my Sichuan dish was as hot and spicy as anything I had tasted in a long while. I was more than full and satisfied after that delicious meal.

The Nightlife

Vancouver is also a city of experimental cocktail lounges, and quite a few of them are here in Gastown. I stopped in a few places after my delicious seafood dinner and tried a few different drinks. One of them combined brandy, whiskey and I'm not sure what else, but it tasted like a candy bar in a glass only it was not filling. I really enjoyed talking to the locals here, as Gastown is home to a lot of different young professionals. It was a very enjoyable evening.

HotelTonight – Gastown Hotels Are Available

All good things must come to an end, and that included this great day. It was time to call it a night, so I opened HotelTonight and found a Gastown hotel within a few swipes. I was ready for a very restful night of sleep, but I was thrilled that I got to experience a new part of Vancouver.