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I had been in the North Salt Lake area for a series of business meetings and was feeling the need to get out and spend some time unwinding and relaxing. When the last day of my meetings was canceled I decided to spend some time in the North Salt Lake area and head home a day later. I knew I'd be able to find a place to stay thanks to the HotelTonight app.

The Area

North Salt Lake is located north of the Great Salt Lake and is found in southern Davis County. It is just a short drive from Bountiful, Ogden and the downtown Salt Lake City area. Throughout my life, I'd passed through North Salt Lake many times but hadn't ever spent time there. I was surprised at how lively the area felt and how many things there were to see and do. After a week of stressful meetings, spending a day in North Salt Lake was just what I needed to relax before heading back home.

Things to Do

After being cooped up indoors during the week for meetings, I was looking forward to spending some time outside. So I decided to check out Donut Falls in North Salt Lake. The area contains a really nice hiking trail, as well as a waterfall. It was a great way to unwind and relax. Once I'd finished hiking, I decided to head back to town and spend some time shopping. There were so many great stores near North Salt Lake, and I could have spent hours wandering around the shops and seeing the sights was a really great way to spend a day relaxing after my meetings.

The Food

I was feeling hungry after my day in the city and wanted to get something really delicious to eat. I always like to try and find a local place to eat that is known for its great food, so I asked around. A few locals recommended I try a local burger joint, so I headed there ready to eat. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and was so glad I took the advice of the locals. The food was amazing. It was one of the best hamburger's I've ever had and the french fries were just as good. I'll make sure to come back here the next time I pass through North Salt Lake.

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I had enjoyed a great day in North Salt Lake and was feeling refreshed after my week of long meetings. After a great day out, I was feeling ready to get some rest and relaxation for the evening. I opened up the HotelTonight app and found a great room in North Salt Lake in a matter of minutes. That night as I relaxed in my hotel room, I thought back on my great day and made a decision to spend more time in North Salt Lake in the future.

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