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There really is no place in the world quite like Austin, Texas. It's a city that offers a bit of something for just about anyone who visits or lives here. I've always had a special place in my heart for this city, even though I've never lived here. I've visited often enough, though, that I always look forward to going back. I get to do so often because of my job, but recently my schedule while there has been so packed that I have not had time to explore the city further. I wanted to change all of that on my last trip, so I decided to schedule my return flight for 24 hours after my work meetings were finished. That would give me an entire day to explore a neighborhood. I chose East Austin for this most recent trip, and I looked forward to getting to know another part of the city. I wasn't worried about lodging, either, as I use the HotelTonight app, which helps people find lodging instantly. I'd book an East Austin hotel room when I was ready to rest.

The Changing Community

Over the past decade or so, East Austin has undergone a lot of change. I realized this immediately because of all of the new housing developments that were being built and all of the work that was being done on some of the older buildings. New businesses are opening here and new options are available for people who want to get into a neighborhood while the property values are still rising. It also appears that the underlying culture of the area is being preserved as much as possible.

The Arts

Over its history, different communities and cultures have dominated this part of town, but these days East Austin is an eclectic mix of all of them. That bears itself out in the form of a plethora of artistic concerns that you see on nearly every street. There are art galleries all over the place, performance studios for musicians and a really varied mix of different cultural pursuits no matter where you look. I walked through a few galleries and was taken aback at the powerful themes that the artists were working on, many of which will continue to be displayed locally when they are finished.

The Food

The same varied mix is present with regards to the food in East Austin. You can still go and find some of the best barbecue anywhere if that's what you want, but I also saw quite a few food trucks as I walked around. I decided to eat lunch at a Tex-Mex food truck, and I was glad I did. The juicy pork and sizzling peppers that came with my meal were delectable, and you could literally taste the hours that went into cooking all of these items.

HotelTonight – East Austin Hotels at the Ready

After a fun and interesting day of learning about a new part of this wonderful city, I was ready to find a home for the night. I opened HotelTonight and booked an East Austin hotel room within two blocks of where I was at the time. I couldn't wait to sit back and relax before a good night of sleep.