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Nashville, Tennessee is one of the most interesting and in some cases fascinating cities I have ever seen in my life, and I have traveled from one end of the globe to the other several times over. There are many reasons that I hold this opinion, but perhaps it's mostly because a city that is renowned throughout the world for its music has so many other things to offer visitors and residents aside from some of the best and most soulful entertainment in the world. I have been digging a little deeper into Nashville for some time now, as I've been traveling here for work on a somewhat regular basis. Every time I travel there these days, I stay for an extra 24 hours. I do that so I can explore a neighborhood in the city that I have not yet seen. On my most recent trip, I chose to spend my 24 hours in Nashville's West End. I hadn't seen this part of town before, but I was looking forward to it. I wasn't concerned about lodging, either, as I would simply open my HotelTonight app and find a West End Nashville hotel room in seconds.

The Park

The first thing I ran into when I got to the West End was Centennial Park. This was no ordinary park with trees and open space. Instead, it was almost like a carnival. There is a replica of the Greek Parthenon here. There are concerts playing for free. There are exhilarated kids running around playing on what seems like an endless amount of equipment. There are food trucks all over the place that cover just about every country in the world and every form of fusion you could imagine. It's an unbelievable place that would've made my day all by itself.

The Shopping

After spending so much time in the park, I was ready for something different. I guess I wound up shopping simply because I saw so many different stores that I wanted to see on the inside. I browsed several of them and suddenly realized that I had spent hours looking at things and buying things for my home and for the important people in my life. I also got to speak to some very nice people who owned these little stores, and that in itself was worth the experience. I enjoyed my afternoon.

The Food

Pick a point on the map and you'll be able to find a restaurant that serves its cuisine in the West End. For whatever reason, I really wanted some sushi. I heard from a lady that there was a place nearby that served some of the best in town. She was right. The rolls were perfectly made and the fish was so fresh it almost fell apart in your mouth. It as a tremendous meal, even though I probably had a bit too much to eat.

HotelTonight – West End Nashville Hotels

After a big meal like that and a big day, I wanted to get some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and found a West End Nashville hotel in seconds. I made my way to my hotel and fell asleep in my comfortable bed almost immediately.