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As Boston's oldest residential neighborhood, the North End overflows with history and culture, and today it's one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the entire city. The North End was once an immigrant neighborhood, primarily inhabited by Italian immigrants, so the culture of the North End is still distinctly Italian. This neighborhood was also home to Paul Revere, and you can walk by his 17th century home or even take a tour of it if you wish. The history, culture and charm of the North End make it one of Boston's most enticing neighborhoods, which is why I was so excited to be able to thoroughly explore the North End during my recent trip to Boston. My time in Boston was made even sweeter by HotelTonight, which helped me book a great last-minute hotel in the heart of Boston, so I was easily able to explore Boston's best neighborhoods on foot.

The Food

Boston's North End is known as "Little Italy," so there's one major reason why locals flock to this neighborhood--the food. As I wandered through the old cobbled streets of the North End, I caught whiffs of garlic, tomatoes and fresh bread wafting through the air. This neighborhood is the go-to area for great Italian food in Boston, and it's hard to resist popping into every restaurant and bakery as you walk through the North End. I'd suggest heading to the North End for at least one delicious Italian meal (and a cannoli from the nearby bakery, of course) during your stay in Boston.

Hanover Street

The North End is a rather small neighborhood--it's only one square mile, so it doesn't take too long to explore. You can't wander through the North End without stumbling upon Hanover Street, which is considered the "Main Street" of the North End. This idyllic street is lined with charming boutiques, ice cream parlors, famous Italian pastry shops and numerous artisanal shops. Just taking a leisurely stroll down Hanover Street is a treat for the senses.

Boston Public Market

There's plenty of history and tradition in the North End, but there are also plenty of exciting new additions to the neighborhood that you should check out. One of them is the Boston Public Market, which opened back in 2015. Since then, this indoor public market has been one of the hottest food destinations in Boston, and I couldn't resist strolling through this vibrant, slightly chaotic food market while in the North End. Again, if you like great food, the North End is the place to be.

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Boston locals know that their city has some of the best Italian food in the country, and I certainly agree with them after spending some time in the North End. Boston's "Little Italy" is full of charm, flavor, and history and I was lucky enough to be able to explore it all during my recent trip to Boston. I was sad to leave Boston, but I knew I would return again one day in the future. When I decide to plan my next spur-of-the-moment trip to Boston, I know I will be able to rely on HotelTonight to book a great last-minute hotel for my New England adventure.