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Charlestown sits on the north side of Boston, and it boasts some of the richest history and culture in the entire city. This neighborhood's roots run deep, and to its residents it is simply known as "The Town". Since nobody knows Charlestown better than the "Townies", I asked many locals for advice and tips on exploring their neighborhood during my recent trip to Boston. I always try to see a new neighborhood from a local's perspective, as I think that's the best way to get a good feel for a community. By chatting with locals and allowing myself to wander aimlessly through the old streets of Charlestown, I felt that I was able to see the heart and soul of this neighborhood, and thus it was one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Boston. I was grateful to the locals for sharing their advice with me and to HotelTonight for helping me book a great last-minute hotel in Charlestown, because it was one of my most memorable trips to Boston yet.

The Monuments

Since Charlestown is one of Boston's oldest neighborhoods, it is naturally home to a number of major monuments, including some on the famed Freedom Trail. Charlestown's most famous monument is the Bunker Hill Monument, which commemorates the deadliest battle of the Revolutionary War. If you're as fascinated with American history as I am, you'll love wandering the old streets of The Town and passing by some of the city's most important monuments.

The Navy Yard

Charlestown is situated on the water, and thus it boasts some beautiful waterfront views. It is also home to the Charleston Navy Yard, which was established in 1800. This historic naval yard was one of the United States' most important naval hubs for over one hundred years, and now it's a historic site known for vessels like the USS Constitution and the USS Cassin Young. Simply walking past the Navy Yard will give you a sense of the grand historical importance of these storied warships.

The Pubs

Charlestown is a traditionally Irish neighborhood. Irish immigrants started populating Charlestown hundreds of years ago, and it has even gained a bit of a reputation as a mobster stronghold. You can't help but notice the abundance of Irish influences all over Charlestown, which is why you'll probably pop into a pub or two during your stay. The locals always know which pubs are the best, so ask a local or two for their recommendations so that you can drink, eat and mingle with "Townies" at a traditional Irish pub.

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As soon as I started exploring the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, I became infatuated with the neighborhood's unmistakable culture and sense of community. I felt that I was in a small, tight-knit town instead of in the middle of a big city, which is why I felt such a strong connection with Charlestown. I was so glad I was able to find a great last-minute hotel in Charlestown through HotelTonight, because staying in the heart of Charlestown made my trip to Boston truly unforgettable.