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Louisville, Kentucky has been home to a lot of famous people throughout our country's history. It's one of the central communities in that region of the United States. It's a unique combination of storied cultural traditions and forward-looking perspectives. It's in many ways where the north meets the south. All of this adds up to a very interesting place, and one that I've enjoyed visiting for many years. Over time, I began to experience a desire to get to know Louisville on a deeper level. What I would do is schedule a return flight from work for 24 hours after I was done with my meetings. That would give me an entire day to dig into an area of town. I would choose one neighborhood in which to spend all of my time. I did that so I wouldn't be concerned about the time I had available. For my last trip, I decided to spend my day in Germantown. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay. I would simply open my HotelTonight app and it would find a Germantown Louisville hotel room for me in seconds.

The Distinct Architecture

As soon as I parked my car and started walking around, I was hit by the striking architecture of this unique neighborhood. There are distinct types of houses here that you don't see anywhere else. Shotgun houses look small, but they are also beautiful. Their bigger relative, the camelback house, is also quite prevalent here. You get the sense that since this neighborhood was first settled in the 19th century, a lot of these homes housed multiple generations within a family at any given time. It's a European way of doing things that is starting to become more common here in the United States.

The European Feel

The neighborhood was not only settled a long time ago, but it was primarily settled by German immigrants, hence its name. The folks who came here then seemed to want to build a home like the one they left, and you can still see that influence today. I don't think I passed more than a couple of different street corners without seeing some sort of neighborhood pub. That's the way it is in Germany as well, and it's a tradition that is still alive. It got me to thinking about how many conversations have taken place in some of those watering holes.

The Food

The cuisine in Germantown falls in line with the overall theme of the community. Someone told me about a café that's been in business for more than 50 years, so I decided to give it a try. They were known for their chili and their fried bologna sandwiches, so I went with both and a beer. The chili was smooth and tasty but not too spicy. The sandwich was perfectly prepared with a nice texture and the beer brought it all together.

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I had really enjoyed my day, and I had also enjoyed my dinner. I was ready to enjoy a night of relaxation, so I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Germantown Louisville hotel room almost immediately. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.