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Surrounded by three nature reserves and home to several top stores and restaurants, the North End in Boise has always been on my list of places to visit. After a particularly stressful work trip to Nampa, Idaho, I decided I needed a little relaxation. Once I had finished up my work in Nampa, I decided to extend my trip by a day to explore the North End of Boise. Thanks to the HotelTonight app, I was able to easily find a hotel in a great location in the North End. One of the first things I noticed when I arrived was the trendy feel to the neighborhood. The North End is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Boise, and I instantly recognized a different feel from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city.

The Area

The North End of Boise is one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city. While it's just a stone's throw from downtown Boise, it feels like a different city entirely. The North End is surrounded by mountains and is home to a number of great parks. It seems like the neighborhood was built with being people friendly in mind. There are so many little boutiques and shops within walking distance of each other and the historic tree-lined streets make walking around and window shopping a treat. The day passed quickly, as I wandered up and down the streets, popping in and out of art museums, stores and cafes.

Something for Everyone

While I spent a lot of the day visiting a number of great local shops in the area, my favorite thing about being in the North End, however, was going to Hyde Park. The Hyde Park area is packed with great restaurants, local shops and more. It seemed that anything you could possibly want to do is in the Hyde Park area. Whether that's grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying the historic feel of the area or visiting an art museum. On the day I was in town, there was an event in Hyde Park where local food vendors and shop owners had stands set up. Wandering around the area made for a great afternoon.

The Restaurants

Anytime I visit a new area, I always love sampling the local cuisine. The North End was full of great local places, and it was hard to pick where to eat. Eventually, I settled on a local pizza place for lunch and then headed over to a small diner for dinner. Both places served great food and eating such great meals was a perfect way to cap off my day of adventure in the North End

HotelTonight — North End Boise Hotels Can Be Booked in Seconds

Staying in the North End was a treat and may be my new favorite neighborhood in Boise. The HotelTonight app made the trip stress free and easy. I was able to quickly and easily find accommodations using the app for my spur of the moment trip. The ease of the app let me focus on enjoying my time in one of the most historic areas in Boise.