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After so many years of traveling through British Columbia for work, I feel like I know the province well. At the same time, I have hardly scratched the surface of enjoying what is there to see, leaving me with many future experiences. That's the best way I can describe this beautiful place, as everywhere you go you find something new that you didn't know existed, and always in a good way. That happened to me yet again on my last business trip up there. I was driving from Calgary to Vancouver, as I had meetings the next day. All of a sudden, my phone rang, and I was told that those meetings had been canceled. I wasn't flying out of Vancouver until the next day, so that meant that I had an entire day to myself to explore something new. I had heard about this town called Revelstoke more than once over the years, and I wasn't far from there at that moment. I decided to use the 24 hours I had available to get a good look at it. I would simply book a Revelstoke, BC hotel room that night with my HotelTonight app, so I was off and running.

A Mountain Town

The first thing that hit me as I pulled into Revelstoke was that it was stunningly beautiful. The second thing that hit me was that this was a true mountain town, down to its core. There were a lot of lodge-type buildings in place and it made a lot of sense as to why this is such a well-known ski resort in the winter. I was there in the late summer, but that certainly didn't mean there was a shortage of things to see and do. Only around 7,000 people live here year-round, so this really was a tight-knit community.

The Hiking

One of my favorite things to do in ski resort towns in the summer is hike, as mountains are filled with gorgeous sights when the weather is warm and the snow is contained to the summits. It seems that the powers-that-be in Revelstoke recognize this norm, as there were hiking trails coming into and leading out of town. I jumped on one and climbed a bit, and before I knew it I was looking at a breathtaking view of the valley below, the town and the surrounding Columbia Mountains.

The Dining

It was an outdoorsy type of day to that point, so I wanted a nice, rugged dinner complete with a tasty beer or two. A nice couple told me about a nearby pub that served local craft beers and incredible onion rings. I took them up on their advice and made my way there. They were right – I had a nice amber ale that went perfectly with onion rings that were about as big as dinner plates. The cheeseburgers were not exactly dainty, either, and I ate happily, talking to local patrons in nearby seats.

HotelTonight – Revelstoke, BC Hotels Are Available

After all of that exercise and all of that food, it was time to get some rest. I opened the HotelTonight app on my phone and it found me a Revelstoke, BC hotel room in seconds. I paid my pub tab and made the short walk to my room, ready to sleep and then tell everyone about this hidden gem in British Columbia.