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Riverton, Wyoming is known as the "Rendezvous City," because it's long been a gathering place for people of all different backgrounds. With its rich Native American heritage and its long, storied history, Riverton is a fascinating city to visit and, of course, a very welcoming city to visit. All of the locals I encountered during my stay in Riverton were warm and inviting, and they were more than happy to offer me advice on what to do and see in their hometown. I was so glad that I veered off the beaten path and chose to visit the small city of Riverton, because I made memories during that trip that I will never forget. My trip was made possible because of HotelTonight, which always helps me find great deals on hotels whenever and wherever I travel. I simply used the HotelTonight app to book my last-minute hotel in Riverton, and a short car ride later I had arrived in Riverton and was ready to explore the city.

Rails to Trails

After I checked into my hotel, I asked a local what the best way to see the city was. She recommended that I check out Rails to Trails, which is a wide trail that cuts through the city, winding along the old railroad tracks. As I walked this path through the city, I passed historical markers, important monuments, beautiful natural scenery and even some wildlife. Even though I had only been in the city for a couple of hours, I felt that I had already gotten a great feel for its culture and history by just walking this designated path.

Outdoor Recreation

It's no secret that Wyoming is a haven for outdoors enthusiasts, and Riverton is the perfect home base for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors. The city itself has several parks and athletic fields, but if you're looking for real outdoors adventures, you can take a quick drive out of the city and find exceptional hiking, rock climbing, hunting and fishing.

The Rendezvous Site

Riverton is called the "Rendezvous City" because of the famous 1838 Rendezvous Site, which acted as a gathering site for some of the most legendary mountain men of the time. Today, it's still used as a rendezvous site, and it has been carefully preserved over the years. Here, you'll also find walking paths and historic sites that will enlighten you about Riverton's history.

HotelTonight – Last-Minute Wyoming Hotels in Riverton

Riverton, Wyoming isn't your typical small mountain town – it has so much culture, history and character that you can't find in many other towns. Even though I only stayed in Riverton for one day, I still learned so much about the town's culture and history, and I made sure to take full advantage of the area's abundant natural beauty and outdoor activities. The next time I find myself in Wyoming, I will definitely make another trip to Riverton, which now has a special place in my heart. When I do, I'll be sure to once again book my Riverton hotel through HotelTonight.

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