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During a business trip to Jackson Hole, I found myself with a free day after things wrapped up earlier than expected. Instead of just getting on the road and heading home, I decided to extend my trip and spend the day exploring the downtown area of Jackson Hole. I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding a place to stay thanks to the easy-to-use HotelTonight app, which left me free to enjoy a great day in the city.

The Area

Jackson Hole is located in western Wyoming, near the border with Idaho and is known around the country for its beautiful scenery and blending of its historical roots with a trendy up to date atmosphere. The town sits between the Teton Mountain Range and the Gros Ventre Range. It's a popular destination for outdoor lovers and the town is surrounded by rivers, mountains and hiking trails. In addition to the outdoor activities, Jackson Hole is a vibrant and exciting city with so much to see and do. It is an exciting place to visit and has something for everyone.

Things To Do

I decided to start my day in downtown Jackson Hole with a visit to one of the many art galleries in town. Jackson has such an exciting art world, and it was really fun to see some great works of art that feature the natural beauty of the area. After that, I spent some time wandering up and down the streets of the downtown area doing some shopping and checking out the stores in town. There are a lot of really trendy boutiques in the city, and I had a great time checking out the different stores.

The Food

While I was shopping I started to get hungry and wanted to try the best food that Jackson Hole had to offer. I asked some locals where I should eat and was directed to a local BBQ joint in town. I was so glad I ate there because the food was amazing. I ordered a combo plate of BBQ beef and chicken, and it was some of the best BBQ I've had in a long time. Everything on the menu looked delicious, and I wish I could have eaten more.

HotelTonight – Book Downtown Jackson Hole Hotels at the Drop of a Hat

Once I finished my meal, I started to feel tired and was getting ready to relax and unwind for the night. In the past, I've struggled with booking a hotel room at the last minute. It can be frustrating and expensive, but I knew I didn't have anything to worry about thanks to the HotelTonight app. I opened up the app and was able to book a room with no hassle in a few minutes. As I relaxed at the hotel later that night, I thought back on the day and was so glad I'd decided to spend the day in Jackson Hole. I had so much fun in the city and will be sure to come back again soon.

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