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Madison, Wisconsin is one of those cities that is comprised of dozens of small communities that all come together to form a sort of tapestry of an identity. I have been traveling to Madison for years for work, and I have fallen in love with the place more and more every time I'm there. Lately, I've been picking out a neighborhood with each trip and extending my stay in Madison for an extra day so I could explore it. I had to go back to Madison about a month ago once again, and this time I wanted to get to know Shorewood Hills a bit better. It was always near my meetings downtown, but I never got out far enough to see it. I was excited about the opportunity, and had no worries about finding a Shorewood Hills hotel. That's because I always travel with HotelTonight, an app on my phone that helps me find lodging at the last minute wherever I am at the time.

The Demographics

One of the first things I noticed as I explored Shorewood Hills was the type of folks who lived there. This is a neighborhood that sits right next to the University of Wisconsin, and it seems that a lot of people graduated from school there and moved just a bit westward into this community of approximately 2,000 people. This made for a vibrant, fast-moving area where people generally bustled through their days. However, everyone seemed to have time to stop and nicely answer questions or chat with me as I made my way through town.

The Shoreline

Shorewood is named as such because (a) it's on the shores of Lake Mendota and (b) it was mostly woodland when it was established in the 1920's. These days, you can venture down to the shoreline of the lake by way of McKenna Park, more commonly called "Shorewood Beach" by the locals. It really isn't a beach, however, as it's more of a natural shoreline that is used by a lot of different fishermen who were out that day catching their dinner. The entire shoreline is covered in trees, making for an incredibly beautiful scene that gives you a view of the entire city surrounding the lake.

The Wisconsin Food

Despite its relatively small size, there were quite a few restaurants in Shorewood Hills. A couple told me about a barbecue place that served all of the barbecue classics along with something called fried cheese curds. I had to try them. I ordered them after getting there and these tasty nuggets of Wisconsin cheese were delicious but hard to describe. Cheese curds are curdled chunks of cheese that are rubbery in texture, but these were deep-fried in a scrumptious batter. I know they were not healthy, but I could not help myself. They were tremendous.

HotelTonight – Shorewood Hills Hotels Are Available

After a dinner that filling, I was ready for a nice, deep sleep. I pulled out my phone, opened HotelTonight and had a hotel in Shorewood Hills all within a minute or so. It was just that easy. I was sure falling asleep would be even easier after such a full and enjoyable day.