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Madison, Wisconsin has consistently been voted one of the best cities in the United States in which to live. It's a beautiful, mid-sized college town, a state capital and a center of arts and culture as well as high-level sports. I've always loved Madison and am always excited at the opportunity to go back there for any reason. I recently had to travel there for work and wanted to take a day, as I've done there in the past to explore a part of the city that I had not yet seen. I booked my flight a day beyond the end of my meetings so I could do just that. On this trip, I wanted to see Maple Bluff, as I had heard that it was one of the nicest communities in the area. I wasn't worried about lodging, as I had HotelTonight on my phone and could find a Maple Bluff hotel room in a matter of seconds. I was excited to explore.

The Sense of Community

There are only about 1,300 people who live in Maple Bluff, and if you walk down the main streets in town it seems as if everyone knows everyone else. The streets themselves are extremely clean and the buildings are almost all pristine. Everything seems to fall into Lake Mendota, and a large percentage of the people here own boats. There are neighborhood watch signs everywhere and you even see adults taking care of each other's kids. In talking to someone at a local cafe, I heard that this was common practice here. It was almost Rockwellian.

The Shoreline

Madison is a city of five different lakes, and the biggest is Lake Mendota, which borders Maple Bluff. This is almost like a seaside community that you'd fine on one of the ocean coasts, only the water is freshwater and the piers are much smaller. As you drive around, you see people everywhere on paddle boards, in kayaks, lounging on piers or taking a dip in the lake. And these people range in age from around 2 or 3 to around 90 or 95. It's a gorgeous and peaceful scene.

The Food

Since I was in Wisconsin, I was in the mood for some real Wisconsin cuisine. That meant cheese and meat along with some tasty beer. A nice lady told me about a family place that specialized in steaks, so I went there. I had something called cheese curds, which are curdled pieces of cheese that are delightfully rubbery in texture. I also had a steak I could have cut with a spoon and a local beer that simply popped with flavor. It was a tremendous meal.

HotelTonight – Maple Bluff Hotels in Seconds

It had been a full day, and it was time to find a hotel room in Maple Bluff. I pulled out my phone and opened HotelTonight. Within a few swipes, I had my room, as the app uses your location to help you find the nearest lodging. I was ready for a restful night of sleep, thankful that I had gotten to know another area of Madison.