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Best Hotels in Washington, DC

Cue “Hail to Chief” - you’re headed to Washington, DC. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about the nation’s capital. Especially when it comes to their killer hotels.

Known for its iconic monuments and residence of America’s prez, Washington DC is a compact city that packs a lot of punch. Whether you’re freshening up on your US knowledge (you know, the stuff you slept thru in AP Gov) or exploring the gems fav’d by the locals, the District will keep you busy. Don’t stress, we’ll handle the hotel.

Why We Love Washington, DC

Historical charm and eclectic ‘hoods. Here’s why we love Washington, DC.

  • Hip hotels: Hotels in DC? You bet your constitution. We have the inside scoop on all the coolest spots to stay the night in Washington. From modern boutiques housed in century-old buildings rocking hot, hot restaurants to lavish suites featuring river views and marble bathrooms - rest assured we’ll hook it up with a hotel in Washington, DC.
  • Iconic landmarks: Talk about sightseeing. The Lincoln Memorial to the White House, Smithsonian museums to the National Mall. Washington DC is flooded with famous places, landmarks, museums and more. I mean - talk about history. You can’t hit them all in one trip, but you can sure try.
  • Niche neighborhoods: Washington DC is a culturally diverse makeup of everything that makes America great as a whole. Neighborhoods hold distinct vibes and attractions, each special on their own. Enjoy nightlife and indie shopping in Adams Morgan, catch college town vibes in Foggy Bottom and rub elbows with politicos on Capitol Hill.
  • Wine & Dine: Seriously good eats await you in Washington DC. Hit CHIKO for serious Chinese-Korean fusion, enjoy American classics in swanky District Commons and check out The Bombay Club for next-level curry.
  • Cultural greats: There’s lots of ways to soak up some culture in Washington DC. From tempting displays of goods at Eastern Market and live music at The Hamilton, to nightly events at the famous Kennedy Center and nights at the symphony - prepare to be enriched in the District.

Where to find the best hotels in Washington, DC

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