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About 30 miles east of Dallas is the small Texas town of Terrell. This lovely little town has a population of about 16,000, and locals are very proud of their town's warm, tight-knit community. Since I wanted to explore a small Texas town after my recent trip to Dallas, I decided that Terrell was the perfect place to visit. After all, it had been recommended to me by several Texas locals. Without hesitating, I pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone and booked a great last-minute hotel in Terrell, Texas. Ever since I discovered the HotelTonight app, planning spur-of-the-moment trips has never been easier. I love that I can pick up and go whenever I have a free weekend, because HotelTonight makes it so simple for me to find hotels across the country at a moment's notice.


Terrell is a Texas Main Street City, which means that it has a beautiful historic Main Street that acts as the hub of activity and entertainment in the town. Terrell's boulevard is lined with vintage buildings and charming storefronts, and you'll get a nostalgic feeling just by walking down the sidewalk. This downtown area is where Terrell locals go when they want great dining, shopping and entertainment, and there's actually quite a bit to do and see here. I was so glad that I stayed in a hotel near downtown Terrell, because I ended up spending a lot of time exploring this charming little town center.

The Arts

The small town of Terrell actually has a surprisingly impressive arts scene. Not only can you see beautiful historic murals all over buildings in downtown Terrell, but you can also enjoy the town's performing arts and fine arts at venues like the Jamie Foxx Performing Arts Center and the Iris Theatre. Terrell locals are proud of their local arts scene, and I was actually quite impressed by the local productions, which showcased the amount of great talent in the town.

Sports and Recreation

Terrell locals like getting outside and getting active, and it's no wonder why given how many great public parks and outdoor spaces are available. Terrell is home to a number of public parks, sports fields and golf courses. The town is also a great home base for anybody that likes fishing, as there are several lakes and ponds nearby Terrell that are favorite fishing spots among locals. Since I had never gone fishing before, I decided to act like a Texas local and went out fishing on the lake and even impressed myself with my catch.

HotelTonight – Terrell Texas Hotels in Minutes

Even though I only spent a couple of days in Terrell, Texas, I came to really understand the culture and lifestyle in this small town. Part of this was due to the fact that I met many locals during my time in Terrell, but I also tried to explore the town as if I were a local, too. And as always, I was glad that I booked my Terrell hotel through HotelTonight, which makes all of my last-minute trips possible thanks to its easy-to-use app.

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In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Terrell have been as low as $62, though the average room costs closer to $110.81 per night.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $64.15 to $122.68 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in October

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