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Portland, Oregon is one of those up-and-coming cities that was already one of the nicest in the country before it became so popular with so many different people. These days, it's a bustling metropolis, but for some reason it just seems different from other big cities across the United States. It's a clean, beautiful and modern city. You won't walk down the street breathing a bunch of exhaust and you won't find parts of town that are run down or abandoned. I had not gotten a chance to see a lot of Portland until recently, however, as I had only been there for work. I wanted to see more, so on my last trip I booked my flight home for 24 hours after my last meeting. I was going to explore the Pearl District. I wasn't worried about lodging, as my HotelTonight app would help me find a Pearl District Portland hotel as soon as I was ready for one.

The Transformation

It wasn't that long ago that the Pearl District was the industrial part of Portland. During those days, you'd find nothing but warehouses, rail yards and the like. Very few people lived here and the only people who were here regularly came for work. That has changed dramatically. The Pearl District is filled with modern businesses and culture, and most of it has made use of the structures that were already here. It's a nice change from what usually happens, which is a total tear-down of a neighborhood before the rebuild. The Pearl District has held onto its history.

The Culture

For some reason I have yet to completely figure out, warehouses seem to make a natural transition into art galleries. Given all of the old warehouses that exist in the Pearl District, it stands to figure that there would be a lot of art galleries here as well. There are, and I spent hours walking through some of them. There was one in particular that was home to some of the most beautiful sculptures I had seen this side of Italy. There was another that was nothing but wall-to-wall canvas paintings. Every gallery had its own sort of theme, and it was fascinating to see.

The Outdoors

You would think that an area that was nothing but industry not too long ago would lack for open space and the ability to exercise. That is not the case in the Pearl District. There were parks all around and playgrounds for children with designs that would attract people of any age. The playgrounds in particular were extremely inclusive, as all of the ones that I saw had equipment and other features designed for people in wheelchairs. It was quite a sight to be sure.

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After all of that walking around and talking with people, I was exhausted. I pulled out my phone and looked for a Pearl District Portland hotel on HotelTonight so I could check in before dinner. I found one instantly, and within a few swipes I was all set. I was thrilled with my day already, and it was only going to get better with a nice dinner and restful night of sleep.