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The coastline of Oregon is well-known around the world for its gorgeous rock formations, its pristine beaches and its completely unique overall look and feel. I have always looked forward to driving through Oregon, and I always made the time to take the roads along the coast so I could take in all the scenery. One thing I've always thought is that each little community along the coast, or at least within a short drive of it, offered something unique. Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to find out if that thought was accurate. On my last trip, though, I suddenly got a call on my way through Oregon that told me that my meetings for the next day were canceled. I had 24 hours to explore one of these communities, as I was in that area at the time. I had heard about the lovely city of Florence more than once over the years, so I chose to take a closer look at that community. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay, either, as I was traveling with HotelTonight. I'd book a Florence, Oregon hotel room as soon as I was ready.

The Sea Lion Caves

Florence is located at the mouth of the Siuslaw River on the Pacific coast. One of the first things I noticed as I got near town was a series of really interesting rock formations. This was not unique to Florence, as the entire Oregon coast features beautiful rock masses. As I got closer, though, I realized that these were actually known as the Sea Lion Caves. I got out and took a look, and sure enough, there were sea lions sunning themselves on the rocks, doing what sea lions do. These massive animals were a marvel.

The Lighthouse Trail

The Heceta Head Lighthouse is a major landmark in Florence, and everyone seems to be familiar with it. I wanted to see more of the natural side of this part of the world, and I found out that there was a hiking path around the lighthouse. I walked it, and the views were stunning. There were seabirds everywhere and I was told that whales migrate often in the water below. The trail itself was relatively crowded, but interestingly everyone I spoke to lived nearby. I spent a couple of hours there, taking photos and enjoying the fresh sea air.

The Dining

One of the people I spoke to on the trail told me about a restaurant that sat near the water that served great dinners. I went there to eat, and I'm glad I heard about it or else I may have missed it. The building is relatively unassuming, but the meals were anything but. I ordered the seafood fettucine alfredo, and it was delicious. It was bursting with local shrimp and mussels and while it was rich, I managed to eat all of it because I enjoyed it so much.

HotelTonight – Florence, Oregon Hotels

I was full, I was physically tired and I was happy with my experience that day. I also needed a place to stay, so I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Florence, Oregon hotel room in a matter of seconds. It was nearby, and I looked forward to falling asleep in my comfortable bed, happy that I had finally seen one of these communities.

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