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For those of you who love the great outdoors, you should consider taking a trip to Montana. I didn't truly understand how breathtakingly beautiful Montana was until I ended up in Great Falls on a business trip, and I immediately fell in love with the stunning mountains, valleysand falls of the area. When I was looking for a place to stay, I decided to book a hotel in Valley View, which is a popular place to live among locals. When I travel, I like to feel like I'm actually living in a city, as I feel that experiencing a new place like a local really is the best way to understand the heart and soul of a town. To book my Great Falls hotel in Valley View, I simply pulled up my HotelTonight app. Within a few quick swipes on my phone, I had booked a great hotel room in the heart of Valley View, and I was ready to see what this charming Montana town was all about.

The River

The Missouri River cuts through Great Falls, and its five "Great Falls" gave the city its name. All throughout the city, you can find pretty parks and walking trails along the Missouri River, and there are many great riverfront spots to enjoy near Valley View. I only had two days to experience the most of Great Falls that I could, which is why I chose to experience it like a local by taking in the beauty of the river whenever I could.


Located in Valley View, the ExpoPark is where Great Falls residents go to enjoy huge community events, such as the Montana State Fair, weddings, trade shows, rodeos and horse races. When you arrive in Great Falls, you should check to see what types of events are being held at the ExpoPark, because this is where all the locals will be. Attending any event at this 133-acre venue will give you a great feel for what it's really like to live in Great Falls.

Benton Lake

Just a short drive out of Valley View is the Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge, which is a beautiful spot to enjoy some wildlife (mostly birds) and catch the sunset. Don't expect to go swimming in a lake while here, though, as Benton Lake isn't so much of a lake as it is wetlands. But if you want to experience more of Montana's natural beauty, Benton Lake is well worth the short drive.

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Montana is a state that is often overlooked as a vacation destination, but it shouldn't be. Its natural beauty makes it a perfect spot to enjoy the great outdoors, and there are plenty of charming towns to visit all over the state, such as Great Falls. I'm glad that I took the opportunity to explore Great Falls, because I left this beautiful city feeling rejuvenated. If I ever return, I'll be sure to book my stay through HotelTonight once again, because I always know I can find great last-minute hotel deals on HotelTonight.