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During a recent cross-country road trip, I found myself in Great Falls, Montana. I didn't know exactly what to expect from this small town in Montana, but I quickly came to discover there is no shortage to the beauty and charm of Great Falls. Since I wanted to stay in the heart of all the action during my time in Great Falls, I decided to book my hotel in downtown Great Falls. With this central home base, I could walk to plenty of great restaurants and shops, while also being a quick drive away from some of the area's best natural sites. To book my last-minute hotel in downtown Great Falls, I checked out HotelTonight. Within minutes, I had found the perfect hotel for my stay. Booking last-minute hotels has never been easier now that I have HotelTonight at my fingertips.


This downtown neighborhood is small, but it still boasts plenty of things to do and see. The streets of downtown are lined with a variety of shops, from hardware stores to clothing boutiques, and you won't find many of these unique little shops outside of Great Falls. Since I love to buy souvenirs that feel authentic and unique, I had a blast shopping at the cool local stores in downtown Great Falls.


One of the best parts about staying in downtown Great Falls is that you're walking distance to all of the best food joints in the city. Downtown Great Falls is where locals go for good meals, and I tried out a number of great eateries in the area. Since the locals are so friendly in Great Falls, I tried asking a few for restaurant recommendations, and I got very helpful tips that led me to some fantastic restaurants.


You may be surprised to discover that Great Falls has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. Not only is downtown home to museums like the C.M Russell Museum and the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, but it's also home to the Out West Art Show and the Great Falls Symphony. So if you want to see the more artistic side of this small town in Montana, all you have to do is wander the streets of downtown. I even stumbled upon a small art gallery, where I purchased a painting from a local artist as my souvenir from my time in Great Falls.

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When most people think of Montana, they think of long stretches of blue skies and breathtaking natural scenery, but there's so much more than that to the town of Great Falls. The downtown Great Falls neighborhood boasts a small-town feel with all of the best offerings of an urban center, which is why I was so glad I stayed at a hotel in downtown Great Falls. As always, I was glad I booked my hotel through HotelTonight, which makes it so simple to find great last-minute deals on hotels. HotelTonight is my go-to resource for booking accommodation now, and traveling has never been easier or more fun.

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