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I used to travel to Detroit with my dad when he had to go there for work. I was a kid then and off for summer break, and it was fun to see where he went and what he did all day. I'd also get a nice dinner with him every night. One of my favorite places to go with him was Detroit. He was a salesman who called on the auto industry, so we were in Detroit often, and I got to experience some memorable things. Over the years, he slowed down and I stopped traveling with him. Recently, though, I got a job that takes me to Detroit every so often. I wanted to reacquaint myself with the area, so I have made it a point to give myself an extra day there whenever possible. I use that extra day to explore a new neighborhood, as I'm interested in seeing how people actually live when I visit a city. The community I chose to visit on my last trip was Novi. I wasn't sure what to expect, other than the fact that finding a Novi hotel room would be easy with my HotelTonight app.

The Shopping

I am a bit of a shopping addict. I have many excuses for my shopping, but one that actually holds water is that it's a good way to get to know a community. You can tell a lot by the types of stores that are there, the types that are succeeding and the people who work at and patronize these places. I started my day at the local mall, and had a lot of fun browsing the stores. There were a lot of locally-owned businesses intermixed with the big-box, national retail centers, and I got to talk to quite a few really nice people.

The Outdoors

I really wanted to get some fresh air after being inside for most of the morning, and I had heard about a park nearby that was worth seeing. I had my walking shoes on, so I made my way over there and jumped on one of the many trails. It was a beautiful place. The tree canopy was so thick it was almost hard to tell how sunny it was, and it was also difficult to remember that I was only a mile or two from the utmost in human modernity. It seemed like I had found some sort of undiscovered frontier.

The Dining

I had spent a lot of time talking to people that day, and when I asked for dinner recommendations more than one person talked about a seafood place that the locals loved. I was game, so I made my way over there after my hike. The decor of the place was modern and nice, but somewhat understated. My dinner was anything but, as it was tremendous. I had the seared scallops and gnocchi, and it was so rich and creamy I had a hard time finishing it.

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I was quite full after such a nice dinner, and I was ready to get some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Novi hotel room in seconds. Within 15 minutes, I was in my room, thinking of how HotelTonight had helped me enjoy a little bit of a memory of how I used to travel to places with my dad. It was a great day.

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