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After spending a couple of days in downtown Cedar Rapids on business, I decided to extend my stay so that I could explore more of this friendly Midwestern city. Since I had already experienced the heart of Cedar Rapids, I decided to venture a bit outside of the downtown area and book a hotel in Marion. While Marion is a part of Cedar Rapids County, it is technically its own city. However, I learned that Cedar Rapids locals consider the two cities to be one, and I wanted to explore the district that locals frequent for great public parks, live entertainment and shopping. To book my Cedar Rapids hotel in Marion, I simply checked out the HotelTonight website. Within minutes on the website, I had booked a great hotel in Marion, so I hopped in my rental car and made the short drive to Marion.


Marion's Main Street district is known as Uptown, and it's where locals from all over Cedar Rapids go to enjoy their leisure time. Since Uptown is the epicenter for shopping and entertainment in Marion, there's always something going on here, whether it's a farmers' market or a community festival. Uptown Marion has a quintessential small town feel, and I swept away by the atmosphere immediately. And it didn't take me long to discover that the locals are possibly the friendliest people you'll meet, well, anywhere.

The Arts

Although Marion is rather small, it's full of charm and individuality, especially when it comes to its art scene. This small town is home to comedy venues, art galleries and performing arts theaters. I was able to see a musical put on by a local theater troupe while I was in Marion, and it was one of the most delightful experiences of my entire trip to Iowa. I felt like I was actually living in Marion, and it gave me a new perspective on this small Iowa town.


If there's one thing that Cedar Rapids knows how to do well, it's public parks. There are numerous great public parks and outdoor areas throughout Cedar Rapids, so you'll always be able to find a green space for picnics, exercising or simply soaking in the beautiful natural surroundings. Some of my favorite parks around Marion were the lively City Square Park and Squaw Creek Park. Marion locals spend a lot of time enjoying these green spaces, so I made it my mission to enjoy them too while in Marion.

HotelTonight – Marion Hotels in Cedar Rapids

I don't get to spend much time in the Midwest, so when an opportunity came to turn my business trip into a mini Midwest vacation, I took it – and I'm so glad I did. By the end of my stay, I felt right at home in Cedar Rapids. This welcoming community and lovely city now hold a special place in my heart, and I would love to return one day. When I do, you can bet that I'll book my Cedar Rapids hotel through HotelTonight, because HotelTonight makes it easy to find great last-minute hotels whenever and wherever you travel.