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Rock Springs, Wyoming was once a booming city thanks to the coal mines and the Union Pacific Railroad. Today, Rock Springs is a beautiful city in the high desert of Wyoming, and its residents are very proud of its rich history and cultural heritage. No longer a coal town, Rock Springs has a flourishing commercial scene, and you can find plenty of great dining, shopping and entertainment here. Rock Springs has so much more to offer than I had expected, which is why I extended my stay. To book my hotel in Rock Springs, Wyoming, I used my HotelTonight app. Within minutes on the app, I had found a great hotel in the heart of Rock Springs, and it proved to be the perfect home base for all of my Rock Springs adventures.


Without a doubt, this historic downtown is the heart of Rock Springs. Nearly every local I talked to expressed how much they loved their downtown, which is clean, beautiful and overflowing with history. In downtown Rock Springs, you will see just how diverse Rock Springs is. This city is home to immigrants and descendants of immigrants from Mexico, Italy, Eastern Europe and more, which is why there is nearly every cuisine imaginable in the charming, historic downtown area.

Historic Trails

There are many historic pioneer trails that run through or pass by Rock Springs, Wyoming. These trails were essential to America's westward expansion, and you can hike or bike them yourself while in Rock Springs. Some of the most notable of these trails include the Oregon Trail, the Pony Express Route, the Cherokee Trail and the Overland Trail. I decided to rent a mountain bike and explore the famous Oregon Trail for myself while in Rock Springs, and it was one of the most memorable things I did on my Wyoming vacation.


Even though Rock Springs is a small city in the middle of Wyoming, it still has plenty of great entertainment to offer. In particular, Rock Springs is known for its rodeos and races, which are held regularly at the Sweetwater Events Complex and Speedway. With everything from motorsports races to traditional rodeos, this venue is where locals gather for the best events in town.

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Rock Springs was never on my list of places to visit, but I sure am glad that I had the chance to visit it anyway. I had many unique experiences in this beautiful Wyoming town, and I learned so much about the history of the West that made me find a newfound appreciation for Wyoming. As I continued on my journey through Wyoming, I stumbled upon many other beautiful towns like Rock Springs, each with their distinct culture and character. I came to realize why Wyoming is such a great state. I'm already hoping to return to Wyoming in the near future.

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In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Rock Springs have been as low as $47, though the average room costs closer to $80.4 per night.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $77.48 to $118.32 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in November

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