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I never expected to end up in the small town of Weston, West Virginia, but after a few setbacks during my road trip, I needed to find a place to stay fast, and Weston was the nearest town. To book a last-minute hotel in Weston, I simply pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone. Within minutes, I had booked a great hotel in the heart of this small West Virginia town, and I decided to make the most of my unplanned pit stop by exploring Weston for myself. Little did I know that I would find so much to love about Weston, and this detour ended up being one of my favorite parts of the whole road trip. There's so much to enjoy in Weston, and I was lucky that HotelTonight made it possible for me to find a hotel room in this town at the very last second.

Main Avenue

Walking down Main Avenue in Weston, West Virginia made me feel like I was on a movie set. Everything about the town was so idyllic and so different than the big, chaotic cities I'm used to. The culture in Weston is distinctly blue-collar, so the people here know a thing or two about hard work, but also about how to enjoy some of the simpler things in life. As I mingled with the locals at a nearby bar on my first night in Weston, I gained a good sense of the true character and soul of this town, and felt that I quickly connected to the town.

Downtown Historic District

There's a lot of history in Weston, whose roots date from 1818. Because of its long history as a working-class town, there are two separate historic districts in Weston: the Downtown Historic District and the Downtown Residential Historic District. Since both districts are within walking distance of each other, I chose to spend an afternoon exploring both downtown neighborhoods. I loved the well-preserved old buildings and beautiful old homes in this area, and I got a great sense of the history and heritage of the town just by walking its streets.


Weston locals know that even though this is a small town, there's plenty to do and see in the area. Weston offers plenty of spots for outdoor recreation, such as county parks and the Stonewall Jackson Lake Wildlife Area. From hiking to fishing to playing tennis, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in and around Weston.

HotelTonight – Weston West Virginia Hotels in Minutes

West Virginia is one of the most beautiful states I've visited. Everywhere you look, there are gorgeous trees and rolling hills, and it definitely doesn't hurt that the towns are also lovely. I enjoyed every moment of my short stay in Weston, and I was actually grateful that my trip didn't originally go as planned. Thanks to HotelTonight, I was able to find a great last-minute hotel in Weston, which ended up becoming one of the favorite legs of my trip. If I'm ever in this region of West Virginia again, I'll be sure to make another stop in the small town of Weston.

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In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Weston have been as low as $76, though the average room costs closer to $76 per night.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $63.46 to $101.95 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in January

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