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Walking through the streets of Logan, West Virginia will make you feel as if you've traveled decades into the past. Located in the heart of coal-mining country, Logan has a long, rich history that its residents embrace to this day. While it remains a small town, with a population of less than 2,000, Logan still has plenty to offer visitors. This West Virginia gem was one of the most interesting towns I've visited recently, mainly because it feels distinctly different from other small towns I've been to. Logan is a small mining town, and this casual, blue-collar atmosphere still rings true today, and I was fascinated by the energy and culture of this town. I was glad I had the chance to visit, and I was grateful that I was able to book my Logan hotel in a matter of minutes through HotelTonight. As soon as I checked into my hotel, I set out to explore this small town in West Virginia.

Main Street

The main hub of Logan feels like it has gone untouched over the decades, so much so you'll feel as if you've stepped into a time machine. I loved wandering the streets of downtown Logan, where I passed small coffee shops and restaurants. Sadly, several of the storefronts I passed were shuttered, reflecting the economic hardships the town has faced in recent decades. But if you want to get a good feel for what life is like in small town West Virginia, you definitely need to explore the downtown area.

The River

The Guyandotte River flows through Logan, and it's a pretty river that you can't miss when you're in Logan. There are bridges that cross the river and roads that wind along the river, so you'll get a great feel for the Guyandotte River while exploring Logan. There are even some great places for fishing along the river, so if you're in Logan when the weather is nice, consider joining some locals at the river for a day of fishing.

Historic Places

There are several sites in Logan County that are on the National Register of Historic Places, such as the Chafin House, the Chesapeake and Ohio 2755 Steam Locomotive, and the Hatfield Cemetery. Another interesting historic site to visit is the Blair Mountain Battlefield, which was the site of the largest labor uprising in the history of the U.S. By visiting these historic sites, you'll get a great feel for the coal-mining, working-class culture of Logan.

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Even though I only spent one night in Logan, I felt like I really got to know the town and its culture. I've been to few small towns as interesting and as unique as Logan, but this quintessential West Virginia mining town really stood out in my mind. I was grateful I was able to have such a memorable time in Logan, and I wouldn't have been able to without the help of HotelTonight, which makes it so easy to find great deals on last-minute hotels whenever and wherever I travel.

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