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Don't let the name fool you – there's nothing scary or tumultuous about this small West Virginia town. Rather, it's a quaint, feel-good town that is home to just over 6,000 people. These locals are proud to call Hurricane their home, since they know they get to enjoy a fantastic quality of life every day. Not only is the town charming, but also the surrounding countryside is absolutely spectacular. Living among such gorgeous natural scenery must be quite a treat, and I was thrilled to enjoy the natural beauty when I visited Hurricane last fall. I wanted to get a feel for life in a small town, and Hurricane was the perfect choice. To book my last-minute hotel near Hurricane, West Virginia, I simply pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone, and within minutes I had a great hotel room waiting for me.

Main Street

Downtown is the heartbeat of Hurricane, and it's where locals go to enjoy great meals and entertainment. The central hub for life downtown is Main Street, where you'll find all kinds of shops and restaurants. There are casual eateries as well as more upscale dining options, and there are also a number of great boutiques and specialty shops where you can find unique souvenirs from your time in West Virginia.


If there's one thing that West Virginia has plenty of, it's green spaces. There are many parks and public spaces in West Virginia, so you'll be able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors when you're in Hurricane. In town, you'll find public parks like City Park and Valley Park, both of which offer great walking trails and athletic courts and fields. These parks are very popular among locals, who take full advantage of these public spaces for exercising, playing sports and picnicking.


Huntington, West Virginia is about a half hour drive out of Hurricane, which means you can easily reach a bigger town if you want to explore more dining and entertainment options. Being so close to Huntington is one of the major perks of Hurricane. You can enjoy the quality of life of a small town, while still being close to a bigger city. I drove into Huntington one afternoon to explore this historic town, and I gained a stronger understanding of why West Virginians are so proud of their history and their cities. I loved every second I spent in West Virginia, and I hope to visit again in the future.

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Prior to my trip to Hurricane, I had never spent much time in West Virginia. It didn't take me long to fall in love with this state, and especially its small towns, like Hurricane. I wouldn't have been able to plan such a fun, carefree last-minute trip to Hurricane if it weren't for HotelTonight, which makes it simple to book hotels all over the country at a moment's notice. HotelTonight makes it easy to stay flexible while traveling, which makes traveling so much more enjoyable.

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How many hotels are in Hurricane?

There are 3 hotels in Hurricane available from Hotel Tonight.

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In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Hurricane have been as low as $70.01, though the average room costs closer to $103.35 per night.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $60.79 to $124.61 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in September

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