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Those who are familiar with Berkeley Springs associate the town with peace, relaxation and natural beauty – and it's been this way since the 18th century. This small town in West Virginia has been known as a serene oasis for centuries, and even George Washington came here to relax and rejuvenate. Thanks to its mineral water springs, this town is considered a spa destination, a great place to clear your mind and heal your body. After months of long, stressful days at the office, I decided to take an impromptu spa retreat to Berkeley Springs. To book my last-minute hotel in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, I simply checked out HotelTonight's selection of Berkeley Springs hotels online. After a few minutes of browsing the great hotels in Berkeley Springs, I booked a lovely hotel in the heart of this resort town.

The Springs

Berkeley Springs is best known for its natural mineral springs, which were originally used by Native Americans in the region, and now attract spa lovers from all over West Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Maryland. This town is home to four full-service spas that rely on the area's natural mineral water, and I made it to two during my short weekend trip. I can easily say that after my time in Berkeley Springs, I was the most relaxed I've been in years and attribute that to the natural healing atmosphere of the town.


The historic downtown district of Berkeley Springs is very walkable, which is why it's such a great place to explore after spending the morning at the spa. Wandering down Fairfax Street is a treat for shoppers, as this street is lined with antique shops and boutiques owned by local artisans. Berkeley Springs' downtown is beautifully preserved and maintained, so its streets are idyllic and full of charm – and this is definitely the perfect place to get a souvenir, as many local artists set up shops here in antique malls and at farmers markets.

The State Park

If you want to experience the nature, the healing power, and the history of Berkeley Springs all at once, you'll want to visit the Berkeley Springs State Park. Located in the center of the town, this state park is home to historic buildings, a traditional Roman bathhouse, and warm, flowing spring water that has attracted visitors since colonial times. This park is certainly a must-visit when you're in Berkeley Springs.

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When most people think of West Virginia, they probably don't picture a serene natural oasis full of beauty and luxury, but that's exactly what Berkeley Springs offers. I fell in love with Berkeley Springs almost instantly, and I already know that I'll return someday in the near future when I'm craving a relaxing weekend. When I do return, I'll be sure to book my Berkeley Springs hotel through HotelTonight, which always makes it so simple for me to find a quality hotel at the last-minute no matter where I travel.