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Tumwater is known as "Washington's First Community," and I can definitely confirm that this small city feels like a true community. Tumwater has a certain charm and character that you won't find in many other cities, and it also has boundless natural beauty to offer. This small city seems to be in the perfect location, as it's a short drive away from the Pacific Ocean, Seattle and Washington's wine country, so it provides a great home base for exploring the state. I recently had the chance to stay the night in Tumwater, Washington, and I feel like I really got to know the heart and soul of the city in just over 24 hours. I was able to book a great last-minute hotel in Tumwater through HotelTonight, so I didn't even have to stress about travel accommodations. As soon as I checked into my hotel and dropped my bags off, I set out to explore the city of Tumwater, Washington.

Historic District

Tumwater locals are proud of their city's heritage, which is why they have endeavored to preserve some of its most important historical sites. I decided to visit Tumwater's Historic District to learn more about the city's culture and history, and I was able to visit a number of treasured local sites, such as the Crosby House, the Schmidt House and the Henderson House.


There are so many great parks in and around Tumwater that it can be difficult to decide which to visit during your stay. There's Tumwater Falls, Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park, Capitol State Forest and many smaller local parks, where Tumwater residents enjoy getting outdoors and exercising. Since I was only in the area for a couple of days, I decided I wanted to visit a major park, so I drove out to Mount Rainer National Park for the day and experienced this natural wonder up close.

Outdoor Recreation

Tumwater locals love living in this region of Washington because it provides boundless opportunities for outdoor recreation. All within a short drive out of Tumwater, you can find fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, biking and even skiing during the winter months. There are just so many nearby places to enjoy the great outdoors, which was a real treat for a city dweller like me, and it was yet another reason why I loved my time in Tumwater.

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I didn't originally plan on traveling to Tumwater, but I'm glad that my travel plans changed unexpectedly. If they hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to visit Mount Rainier or see some of Washington's interesting historic sites, and I wouldn't have been able to get to know the community of Tumwater, which I loved. I'm grateful that I have the freedom to take spur-of-the-moment trips, and it wouldn't be as easy without the help of HotelTonight, which provides great selections of last-minute hotels no matter where or when I'm traveling. Traveling has never been easier or more fun now that I have HotelTonight at my fingertips.

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