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Located on the Kitsap Peninsula, Silverdale is one of Washington's most underrated cities. With easy access to beaches and mountains and beautiful views of the Dyes Inlet, the Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainier, Silverdale is surrounded by boundless natural beauty. When I first ventured into Silverdale, I was blown away by not just its breathtaking setting, but also by its charming community. I was enamored with Silverdale right away, so I didn't hesitate to book a hotel in Silverdale so that I could spend more time exploring this lovely, off-the-beaten path city. To book my hotel in Silverdale, I simply checked out my HotelTonight app. Within minutes on the app, I had booked a lovely hotel in the heart of Silverdale, and I was ready to get to know the heart and soul of Silverdale for myself.

The Waterfront

I was lucky enough to find a hotel near Silverdale's picturesque waterfront, so I spent a great deal of time enjoying the breathtaking views of the Dyes Inlet and the pretty local beaches. Since I visited Silverdale during the warm summer months, the locals were out and about enjoying the sunshine at the Silverdale Waterfront Park. I joined the locals at this lovely park, where I enjoyed some stand up paddle boarding and even a few hours of boating in the afternoon.

Old Town

I love getting to really know a city's culture and heritage, which is why I couldn't resist exploring Silverdale's Old Town. This historic district is home to buildings that date from the late 1800s, so this is the place to visit if you want to learn about Silverdale's long, rich history. Old Town isn't like a boring living museum, though – it's actually one of the hippest districts in the city. Old Town boasts trendy microbreweries, boutiques and cafes, so even if you don't want to learn about the history of Silverdale, you'll enjoy the lively atmosphere of Old Town.

Parks and Trails

One of the reasons why Silverdale locals love their city so much is for its abundance of outdoors recreation. There are many parks and trails that locals take advantage of when they want to get active and enjoy the outdoors. Some of the most popular trails and parks in the area include the Clear Creek Trail and the Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park. I decided to visit the Clear Creek Trail one morning, and I enjoyed every minute of my run on the six-mile trail through beautiful wetlands.

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Silverdale, Washington should be on more travelers' radars. This charming waterfront town is a great destination for a relaxing weekend getaway, or for anytime you are craving the great outdoors and small-town charm. I was so glad I had the chance to visit Silverdale during my recent trip to Washington, and I had HotelTonight to thank for making it so easy to find a great Silverdale hotel at a moment's notice. Traveling has never been easier or more fun now that I have HotelTonight at my fingertips, because making spontaneous decisions is always my favorite way to travel.

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How many hotels are in Silverdale?

There are 8 hotels in Silverdale available from Hotel Tonight.

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In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Silverdale have been as low as $115.02, though the average room costs closer to $142.52 per night.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $100.11 to $174.11 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in December

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