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Ritzville is a small town located in the southeastern part of Washington, and it has the laid-back, blue-collar feel of an agricultural town. With roots tracing back to the 1880s, Ritzville certainly has a rich history, and its residents are very proud of the culture and heritage of their town. Just like it did over a hundred years ago, Ritzville's economy still relies heavily on wheat, which is one of the reasons why I found the town and surrounding areas of Ritzville to be fascinating. I love exploring cities that are off-the-beaten path, where most tourists don't travel, so I naturally jumped at the chance to visit Ritzville, Washington. To book a hotel in Ritzville, I simply checked out my HotelTonight app. Minutes later, I had a great hotel room waiting for me in Ritzville, one of the smallest yet most welcoming towns I've visited to date.

The Historic District

The heart of life in Ritzville is the Historic District, which is also known as the city's downtown. There are five buildings in Ritzville's Historic District that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Northern Pacific Railroad Depot and the Ritzville Carnegie Library. Streets like Main, Broadway, Washington and Railroad Avenue are full of beautiful old buildings, small business and locally beloved eateries, so I enjoyed spending time in this downtown area while in Ritzville.

Wheat Fields

Ritzville's economy revolves around wheat, which is made apparent as soon as you visit. For miles and miles, the land surrounding the town of Ritzville is comprised of wheat fields, which are actually quite picturesque. I found the scenery to be quite beautiful as I drove into Ritzville. Since this small agricultural community takes great pride in its wheat, I felt that I should learn a bit more about the wheat industry before I left, so I visited various grain elevators and talked with many locals about their farming jobs. I ended up learning a lot more about agriculture than I expected.

The Rodeo

You'll notice hints of Ritzville's Old West heritage when you explore its downtown, but you'll notice its strong Western culture even more if you attend its annual rodeo. Every year, Ritzville hosts the largest rodeo in southeastern Washington, and people travel from all over the state to partake in the festivities and catch the show. I happened to visit Ritzville at the exact right moment, because I was able to enjoy the excitement and energy of the rodeo during my stay.

HotelTonight – Last-Minute Hotel in Ritzville Washington

Ritzville may not be on most travelers' bucket lists, but I certainly enjoyed my stay in this small town in southeastern Washington. There's a certain charm and relaxed energy in Ritzville, and this tight-knit community is very warm and welcoming. If I ever happen to be driving through the state of Washington again, I'll try to stop in Ritzville to revisit some of my favorite spots in the town. And, of course, if I need a place to stay, I'll be sure to book my Ritzville hotel on my handy HotelTonight app.

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