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The city of Puyallup, Washington was named after the Native American Puyallup Tribe, and the name also means "the generous people." Once you visit Puyallup, you will realize that this name is fitting. Puyallup locals are warm and welcoming, and they'll be happy to tell you why they consider Puyallup to be one of the best cities in the Pacific Northwest. Since Puyallup is located just 35 south of Seattle, it's a great place to stay if you want to visit Seattle for a day or two but you also want to explore other cities in the area. It's also a great city to stay in if you have business in the Seattle region, because it's an easy drive to Seattle but it also provides a more laidback atmosphere. I decided to stay in Puyallup during a recent trip to the PNW, and I booked my Puyallup hotel in minutes through the HotelTonight app. Just like that, I was ready to start exploring the city of Puyallup for myself.


While Seattle's downtown is far larger and more energetic than Puyallup's downtown, this compact urban center is quite more charming in its size. This city features an old-fashioned downtown district, which means you won't be wandering through skyscrapers and busy downtown streets when you explore Puyallup's shopping area. The quaint Puyallup downtown is best known for the Antique District, which features a wide variety of great antique stores, which attract shoppers from all over the Seattle area.

Pioneer Park

Locals told me that Pioneer Park is like the heart of the Puyallup community, since it's where residents go to enjoy community events, get active and socialize. This community focal point also features a public library, a public stage and the entrance to the Pierce County Foothills Trail. So whether you want to catch a local production or you want to get outdoors and hike, you'll love Pioneer Park.

Community Events

Puyallup boasts a strong sense of community, something that you simply can't find in bigger cities like Seattle. Part of Puyallup's tight-knit community feel comes from its regular community events, such as the Daffodil Festival and the Farmers' Market. Then, of course, there's the Washington State Fair, which is a major fall and spring attraction that draws over a million people to Puyallup each year. I was lucky enough to be in town for the spring fair, and I loved wandering through this lively, traditional fair at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.

HotelTonight – Puyallup Hotels

When most people travel to the Pacific Northwest, they travel to Seattle. It's a shame that pretty, vibrant communities like Puyallup are overlooked, because I found that they have just as much history, culture, entertainment and charm to offer as any big city. I was glad I had the chance to explore Puyallup in person on my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. Next time I return, I'll be sure to book my Puyallup hotel through HotelTonight once again. I know I can always find great deals on last-minute hotels through HotelTonight.

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