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As the capital of Washington, Olympia is a great destination to visit in the Pacific Northwest. This clean, pretty city is a mid-sized capital, and it's quite a desirable place to live for Pacific Northwest residents. After all, Olympia boasts a great quality of life thanks to its well-maintained neighborhoods, easy access to outdoor recreation, and rich arts and entertainment scenes. I had to visit Olympia for business recently, and I immediately took a liking to this charming city. Since I didn't have much time to explore the city while I was stuck in meetings all day, I decided to extend my stay in Olympia after business had wrapped up. To book a last-minute hotel in Olympia, I simply relied on HotelTonight, my go-to travel resource for finding great hotels at a moment's notice. Minutes after opening up the app on my phone, I had booked a great hotel in downtown Olympia, and I was ready to get to know this lovely capital city for myself.


Located at the southern tip of Puget Sound is downtown Olympia. This historic community is delightful to visit, because it blends beautiful old buildings with modern architecture, creating a great balance of the old and the new. Downtown Olympia features great dining and shopping, so it's where locals go for a delicious meal or a fun night out. I was glad I stayed in downtown Olympia, because it made it so easy for me to walk to all of the best spots in this city center.

South Capitol

Whenever I find myself in a capital city, I make sure to visit the capitol building. Washington's capitol building is truly picturesque, and you shouldn't miss it while in town, nor should you miss wandering the streets of South Capitol. This desirable neighborhood is home to picture-perfect tree-lined streets and stately homes, and it's such an idyllic neighborhood that it looks like it belongs in a movie. South Capitol was one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Olympia.


Olympia locals enjoy a great quality of life because of all the public green spaces available to them. This city is home to countless trails, parks and playgrounds. Some of the parks I visited while in Olympia were Columbus Park and Heritage Park, and I also enjoyed biking along the beautiful Chehalis Western Trail while in Olympia. And if you want to soak in stunning views of the capitol and of the Olympia waterfront, you should be sure to visit Priest Point Park.

The Arts

This capital city has a lot to offer in terms of arts, culture and entertainment. Even though it's a mid-sized city, Olympia packs a big punch when it comes to the arts. There are eight major museums in Olympia, including the beloved Hands On Children's Museum, the Olympic Flight Museum and the Lacey Museum. But even if you don't want to visit a museum, you can still get a sense for Olympia's history and culture just by walking its streets and wandering through its parks. In addition to the art studios and galleries in Olympia, you'll also find plenty of interesting public art installations, as well as historical monuments and attractions throughout the city. Keep an eye out for placards as you explore the city, as these will give you some interesting insight into Olympia's past.

Outdoor Recreation

The Pacific Northwest is like a giant outdoor playground. There's so much to do outdoors around Olympia that you should never be bored. Given its location on Puget Sound, Olympia offers a wide variety of water activities, from boating and water skiing to fishing and kayaking. This is a great city to visit in the warm summer months, when all of the locals are out enjoying the waterfront parks, beaches and nearby lakes. And if you take a quick drive out of Olympia, you'll also find great hiking, which is one of the best ways to really get a feel for the magnitude of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty. During the winter months, great skiing is a hop, skip and a jump away from Olympia, so this city is a great destination for outdoors enthusiasts year-round.

HotelTonight – Olympia Washington Hotels

I expected a lot from the capital city of Washington, and Olympia exceeded every one of my expectations. This beautiful, clean city is rich in history and culture, and I started to envy the locals throughout my stay. After all, there's no denying that Olympia residents enjoy a great quality of life, and so did I during my brief visit. I'm already hoping that I'll be sent on another business trip to Olympia, because I would love to explore more of Olympia's neighborhoods and parks. The next time I find myself in Olympia, I'll be sure to book a hotel through HotelTonight, since HotelTonight always makes it so easy for me to find last-minute hotel deals whenever and wherever I travel.

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