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Kennewick is the largest city in Washington's Tri-Cities, and it boasts stunning natural beauty, great attractions and a casual, laidback vibe. Kennewick locals know how to make the most of life, which is why they spend time enjoying the great outdoors and all of the entertainment available in their city. During my recent trip to the Tri-Cities, I decided to stay in Kennewick, since it's the largest city in the area and offers the most entertainment and recreation. To book my hotel in Kennewick, Washington, I simply opened the HotelTonight app on my phone. Minutes later, I had booked a great hotel in downtown Kennewick, and I was ready to start my Tri-Cities adventure. I wanted to get a real feel for what life is like for Kennewick locals, so I made sure to ask plenty of locals for recommendations of their favorite things to do and see in Kennewick.

The Columbia River

Without a doubt, the defining feature of Kennewick – and the Tri-Cities region in general – is the Columbia River. This wide, sparkling river provides great options for outdoor recreation, from water sports to hiking and biking, so it deserves to be the focal point of life in Kennewick. I visited Kennewick in the middle of summer, so I took advantage of its proximity to the river and enjoyed some boating, water skiing, and kayaking.


Downtown Kennewick has experienced a renaissance in recent years. Beautiful historic buildings have been preserved and converted to shops and restaurants, and the city has transformed downtown into a more pedestrian-oriented district, so it's a delightful little neighborhood to take a stroll. And since there are a number of great restaurants, shops and other small businesses downtown, you can get a great feel for the heart and soul of Kennewick just by walking its downtown streets.

Clover Island

One of my favorite parts of Kennewick was Clover Island, which was recommended to me by a few locals. This 16-acre island is situated on the Columbia River, and it's easy to get to from downtown. This picturesque park provides beautiful views of the Columbia, and it's one of the most popular spots in the city for recreation and for entertainment, as many community events are held at this park. Plus, the Clover Island Lighthouse provides a great backdrop for unique photos.

HotelTonight – Kennewick Washington Hotels

It's not often I get to visit small, relatively unknown cities when I travel, which is why I was so excited to explore Kennewick. While this city isn't on most travelers' bucket lists, it certainly is a lovely place to visit, and I enjoyed every moment of my stay in Kennewick. If I ever find myself in another small city like Kennewick, it's comforting to know that I can book a great hotel room in minutes through HotelTonight. Whenever I travel now, I make sure to check HotelTonight for last-minute deals on hotels, because it makes my trip planning process so much easier and less stressful. And that's exactly how traveling should be.

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There are 15 hotels in Kennewick available from Hotel Tonight.

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In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Kennewick have been as low as $65.07, though the average room costs closer to $118.15 per night.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $86.42 to $136.5 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in November

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