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When most people think of the Pacific Northwest, they don't often think of beaches and islands, but there are actually many beautiful islands located just off the Washington mainland. While these aren't white sand, tropical islands, they are breathtakingly beautiful in their own right. For instance, the rugged, outdoorsy Camano Island is a haven for those looking to escape the city and immerse themselves in some of the most beautiful nature in the area. I recently felt the need to escape the humdrum of Seattle, so I hopped in my car and ventured to Camano Island, located right next to Whidbey Island and accessible by bridge. This beautiful island and its charming community made me feel a world away from the city, and it was exactly what I was hoping for – and more. I was able to book a great last-minute hotel near Camano Island through HotelTonight, which I can always rely on to help me plan spontaneous getaways.


Given that Camano Island is, well, an island, there are many beaches to enjoy throughout the area. No matter which side of the island you're on, you'll find stunning, rugged coastline and beautiful scenery. One of my favorite beaches in Camano Island was Iverson Beach, where you can actually fish from shore. Not far away, there's the pretty, sandy beach of Iverson Spit, where I enjoyed hours basking in the sunshine and listening to the waves lap the shore.

Outdoor Recreation

When you're on Camano Island, you should expect to spend some time outdoors. After all, Camano Island is known for its great variety of outdoor activities. There's Camano Island State Park and Cama Beach State Park, both of which offer many recreational activities. On Camano Island, you can go hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming and more, so it truly is a paradise for anyone craving the great outdoors.

Oak Harbor

Just a short drive away is Whidbey Island, which is home to the charming little island town of Oak Harbor. This idyllic Main Street community feels like a quintessential small town, and it's the best place on the islands to grab a bite to eat, do some shopping and enjoy some live entertainment. The live music scene is actually quite impressive in Oak Harbor, so I found a great spot to eat dinner and listen to a local musician in this little island oasis.

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Camano Island is a beautiful, uncrowded island off the coast of Washington, but you don't even have to take a ferry to get here – you can cross the bridge by car. This island provides the perfect getaway for anyone who needs to take a break from the city life and immerse themselves in nature. I loved my stay in Camano Island, and it really did feel like the perfect weekend getaway. Next time I return, I'll be sure to once again book my Camano Island, Washington hotel through HotelTonight, because I always know I can find great deals on last-minute hotels on my HotelTonight app.

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