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Best Hotels in Alexandria, Virginia

Virginia bound? It’s a good time to hit the charming city of Alexandria. Just off the Potomac, this history-rich and preserved town was named one of the prettiest cities of the South. Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be your guide when it comes to hotels in the area.

Known for its historic Old Town, Alexandria is home to quaint museums, stunning architecture, and sweet boutiques. Whether you’re making a stop on your way to Washington DC, venturing to Mount Vernon, tasting the local brews or shopping up King Street - Alexandria has plenty to offer and we’ve got hotels to match.

Why We Love Alexandria, Virginia

Waterfront views and colonial footprints. Here’s why we’re fans of Alexandria.

  • Sweet hotels: Looking for a sweet retreat? We got you. From stylish inns with spa-inspired bathrooms to plush mainstays with complimentary wine nights - we know all the hottest places to stay in Alexandria.
  • History lesson: Ever wondered what it would be like to live in Colonial times? Welcome to Alexandria where you can follow an 18th century costumed guide by lantern light through town, hearing ghost stories, legends and folklore. Then take a trip to Mount Vernon to explore George Washington’s old estate for more fact learning.
  • Wine & dine: Alexandria has been described as a culinary oasis - feeding elites like US presidents for decades. Check out Old Town’s plethora of chef driven eateries for serious foodie finds. Feeling some fine dining? Take a spin at Bastille, an award winning brasserie and wine bar.
  • River side: Posted up right at the Potomac, Alexandria has plenty of waterfront activities to enjoy. Take a boat cruise, try stand up paddleboarding, dine along the water or rent a bike for a scenic ride.
  • DC adjacent: Not only can you peep sweeping views of Washington DC from across the river, it’s easy to get to from Alexandria. There’s lots to explore in the District. From well known landmarks like the Washington and Lincoln Monuments to the totally free museums of the Smithsonian - Washington DC is one city worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

Where to find the best hotels in Alexandria, Virginia

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