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Driving from Hartford, Connecticut to Montpellier, Vermont and back regularly in my job as a traveling salesperson means that I spend a lot of time on Interstate 91. That's fine with me, as when I'm familiar with a stretch of road it allows me the opportunity to relax with regards to my travel and focus a bit on what I need to do work-wise when I get to my destination. It got to be that way for a couple of years, but one day when I was making that same trip it dawned on me that I had never really seen any of the communities that sit between these two destinations. At most, I'd stop in one of them for gas or a quick bite to eat and that was it. On my last trip to that part of the world, I was roughly halfway to Montpellier when I found out that my schedule was cleared. That meant I had 24 hours to myself. That also meant that I could stop somewhere and see a new place. I chose Springfield, and I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay. HotelTonight would help me book a Springfield, VT hotel room in seconds.

The Outdoors

I love being outside. That's one of the reasons I like driving through this part of the country, as it's breathtakingly beautiful. That's also why I wanted to get outside as soon as I pulled into town. Fortunately, there was a state park near town, so I put on my hikers and hit the trail. It was a stunning walk. I spent hours under a thick canopy of trees, watching creeks roar past my feet and looking at birds and forest wildlife do what they do as if no humans had ever interacted with them.

The Museums

Once I got back into town, I quickly realized that Springfield was a place where culture and history were important. I noticed several different museums all relatively close to each other, and my first stop was a museum dedicated to amateur telescope making. I'd never seen anything like it, but some of the pieces that people had put together over the years were extremely impressive. I spent a couple of hours there as well, looking at different displays and talking to some of the other people there. Interestingly, those I spoke to were locals.

The Dining

More than once during the day, I had heard about a local barbecue place that the locals loved. I decided to give that a shot. The place itself was unassuming, but that was fine with me. I was there for the food. I ordered the pulled pork and fresh-cut fries, and they were incredibly good. The pulled pork melted in my mouth and the crispy fries offered the perfect contrast in texture. I had a nice local beer to go with all of it and talked to a few others in the restaurant. It was a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

HotelTonight – Springfield, VT Hotels in Seconds

I was quite full and very happy to have spent a day in this lovely place. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Springfield, VT hotel room in seconds. Within 20 minutes, I was falling asleep in my room, looking forward to my next adventure.

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