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The town of McKinney, Texas may be less than 30 minutes from downtown Dallas, but its unique culture and character sets it far apart from its major urban neighbor. This small town is quaint and quirky, and it's regularly ranked as one of the best places to live in the entire country. Because it's such a desirable place to live, many people who work in Dallas yearn to live in McKinney, as this safe, clean and welcoming community truly is irresistible. During a recent trip to Dallas to visit family, I made the spontaneous decision to wander outside of the city, and my detour took me to McKinney. I immediately fell in love with the charming town, so I decided to spend an extra couple of days exploring the area. I was even able to book my McKinney hotel right then and there through the HotelTonight app, which is my go-to resource for booking last-minute accommodation whenever I travel.

Main Street

The district that really embodies McKinney's small town atmosphere is Main Street in downtown. This main drag is lined with quaint, picturesque storefronts and wide sidewalks, and many of these buildings are historic sites. Some buildings on Main Street are over 160 years old. I had a blast strolling down Main Street and popping into boutiques, galleries and antique shops. It really made me feel a world away from the bustling metropolis of Dallas, and I couldn't get enough of it.

Chestnut Square Historic Village

If you walk south from downtown, you'll stumble upon the idyllic Chestnut Square Historic Village, and you'll swear you just stepped back in time. This historic district has been carefully preserved, and today it's home to ten historic buildings that date from 1854 and 1930. Wandering through Chestnut Square will give you a great sense for McKinney's history and heritage, and for what life was like 100 years ago for residents of this Texas town.


Whenever McKinney residents want to enjoy a beautiful day by getting outdoors, they have plenty of great options to choose from. There are dozens of public parks and outdoor areas throughout the city of McKinney, and I made it my mission to explore at least a few of them. My favorite was the 108-acre Towne Lake Recreation Area, which also features a 22-acre lake where people enjoy fishing and paddle boating. There are also great hiking trails and sports courts nearby.

HotelTonight – Great Hotels in McKinney Texas

It didn't take long for McKinney to become one of my favorite towns in Texas. I immediately understood why the town is regularly listed as one of the best towns to live in the US, and I started to even feel a bit envious of the locals. I definitely hope to return to the charming town of McKinney some day in the future, and when I do, I'll be sure to book my hotel through HotelTonight. After all, I know that HotelTonight can always help me find a great last-minute hotel no matter where or when I travel.