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Grand Prairie is a city located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and it's a lovely, family-friendly town that prides itself in its laidback, welcoming community. I developed a soft spot in my heart for Grand Prairie almost immediately, and I quickly understood why so many Grand Prairie locals consider their community the best in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. There's a calm, peaceful environment in Grand Prairie that's hard to resist, and everyone in the community is so warm and welcoming, and locals will be more than happy to share great tips on how to best enjoy their town. I recently spent a weekend in Grand Prairie, Texas, and I loved every minute in this small Texas town. To book my hotel in Grand Prairie, I simply pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone. After a few minutes of browsing hotels in the area, I booked a great hotel in the heart of Grand Prairie – all from the convenience of my phone. HotelTonight makes it so easy to take last-minute getaways, like my spur-of-the-moment trip to Grand Prairie.


Downtown Grand Prairie is the beating heart of the town, as it's home to many of the city's small businesses. As you walk down Main Street, you'll pass one charming boutique and one popular eatery after another. And you can't miss Market Square when you're downtown. Market Square is where you'll find the famed Grand Prairie Farmers Market, which is one of the pride and joys of the community.


Grand Prairie may be a relatively small town, but it hosts big entertainment events. Grand Prairie is home to the Verizon Theatre, which holds some of the biggest concerts and entertainment events in the state of Texas. For smaller-scale entertainment options, there's the historic Uptown Theatre, which is a popular playhouse and concert venue. No matter when you visit Grand Prairie, chances are there will be a great entertainment event for you to enjoy.

Loyd Park

When you ask Grand Prairie locals what to do in their town, they'll probably recommend you visit Loyd Park. This beautiful 791-acre public park offers a great outdoor oasis for Grand Prairie residents. Here, you'll find great camping, fishing, picnic areas, beaches, canoe and kayak rentals, hiking and boating. During the warmer months of the year, this is where you'll find Grand Prairie locals on the weekends. Since I was lucky enough to be in Grand Prairie during the summer, I spent all day Saturday mingling with the locals and enjoying the beauty of Loyd Park.

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Grand Prairie, Texas is one of the most fun towns I've visited in recent travels. Since it's located near both Fort Worth and Dallas, big cities amenities and attractions are just a quick drive away. Of course, Grand Prairie also has plenty of entertainment to offer, and I loved the tight-knit community vibes of this Texas town. I'm glad I stayed in Grand Prairie instead of Dallas, because I got to explore an area of Texas that is off-the-beaten path. And I wouldn't have been able to plan such a last-minute getaway if it weren't for HotelTonight, which always helps me find great hotels at a moment's notice.

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