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The small town of Euless, Texas is located in what's known as the Mid-Cities area between Dallas and Fort Worth. Due to its great location, Euless is a desirable place to live, as it provides a small-town quality of life and easy access to major cities. While visiting Dallas for a few days, I decided to venture out of the city and explore some of the surrounding towns. That's how I ended up in Euless, and I was instantly attracted to the city's small-town charm and its strong sense of community. So I decided to change up my travel plans and stay in Euless for the remainder of my Texas getaway. To book a hotel near Euless, I simply pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone. Within minutes, I had booked a great hotel in Euless, and I was ready to get out of the city and experience life in small town Texas.


Unlike in the urban center of Dallas, where I was previously staying, Euless is full of open space and countryside, and there are a number of great parks that locals love to visit. I spent some time in parks like the Bob Eden Park and the Founders Plaza Observation Area while in Euless, and by doing this I got a great feel for what life is like for Euless locals. If I lived in Euless, I would spend a lot of time enjoying the beautiful public parks in the area.

Community Events

Euless is a small town, but it actually hosts a handful of major community events that draw visitors from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Every April, Euless hosts the annual Arbor Daze, a major community celebration that takes place over the course of a weekend. Euless also hosts winter festivals, smaller community fairs and the popular Euless Greek Food-Fest. There's actually a lot to do in this small town, which is why Euless locals really love where they live.

Dallas and Fort Worth

Dallas and Fort Worth are both just a quick drive away from Euless, and many of the locals actually commute to these cities every day. Whenever locals want to enjoy the excitement and activity of the city, they're only a short drive from either Dallas or Fort Worth, so this town really has the perfect location. I loved staying in Euless because it had the small-town feel that I was craving, but it was also close to all of the attractions of the big cities.

HotelTonight – Great Last-Minute Hotels in Euless Texas

After spending just a couple of days in Euless, I understood why locals love living here so much. There's a charm and laidback vibe that you won't find in either Dallas or Fort Worth, and I loved exploring a town off-the-beaten-path. Whenever I return to the Dallas-Forth Worth area, I'll be sure to book another hotel through HotelTonight, because I know I can always rely on HotelTonight to find great deals on last-minute hotels whenever and wherever I travel.