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I like places that are off the beaten path. I've always looked to spend time in them as they have provided me with positive memories more often than I can remember. It has always seemed to me that there are more places of this type in Oregon than in most others, although I wouldn't necessarily know that firsthand given that I'm always there for work. I had never had any time to explore any of these relatively unknown communities for myself until my last trip there. An entire series of events led to me basically having 24 hours to myself to explore somewhere new. I didn't know where I was going to go immediately, and I didn't have a place to stay when I got there. The first part was more difficult, as there are so many places to see in Oregon. I finally made up my mind to spend a day in a place called Vida. I would get to know what life was like there. I wasn't concerned about finding lodging. I always travel with my HotelTonight app. I'd book a Vida, Oregon hotel room as soon as I was ready.

The River

There are a lot of rivers in Oregon, and I'm pretty sure all of them are gorgeous. The McKenzie River may not be famous, but it's incredibly scenic. It runs out of the Cascade Mountains and ultimately into Eugene, which sits to the west of Vida. Vida itself is built along the banks of the McKenzie, and I spent some time as I drove into town stopping every now and then and taking photos of beautiful wooden bridges, the clear, babbling water and the rock formations that provide constant cover from the sun. It was a great way to shut out all of the distractions of the world.

The Hiking

When I got to the middle of Vida, I realized that this truly is a community of approximately 1,000 people. It's a small and quaint little town, and it didn't take long to discover hiking trails leading into the hills and along the river. I spent a good couple of hours just out and about, taking photos of the landscape, including the running water, the mountains in the distance and more species of birds than I think I had ever seen in my life. Once again, it was like ejecting myself from the modern world for a time.

The Dining

In a community of 1,000 people, you're not generally going to find a lot of different dining options. I chose the local cafe, as a lady on the street told me their food was very good. It was that and more. The place is a classic diner in its look and layout, and I ordered the cheeseburger and fries that came in an old-styled red basket. The people there were incredibly friendly, as I overheard coversations between the servers and diners. What is more is the burger was quite delicious.

HotelTonight – Vida, Oregon Hotels

I had enjoyed an active and yet relaxing day off the beaten path. It was time to get some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Vida, Oregon hotel room in a matter of seconds. I couldn't wait to get some sleep, recharged after seeing a different side of this beautiful state.