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I don't know how many times I've driven up and down Interstate 5 from Seattle to Sacramento and back. That means that I've driven all the way through Oregon more times than I can remember. I've always enjoyed that part of the drive, as Oregon is full of scenery that keeps my attention. Unfortunately, I've also constantly been in some sort of hurry to get to where I was going, so other than stopping for a quick fill-up of gas or a fast bite to eat, I've never spent any real time in any of the smaller communities that dot the interstate in Oregon. On my last trip there, all of this changed when I learned that my meetings in Portland the next day were canceled. I had an entire day to myself. I could either push through to my destination a day early, or stop and explore. I chose the latter, as I was near Sutherlin. I wasn't worried about lodging, as I'd find a Sutherlin hotel room in seconds with the help of HotelTonight when I was ready.

The Reservoirs

There is a lot of water in and around Sutherlin, and many of the bodies of water exist in the form of reservoirs. I wasn't expecting to encounter such a circumstance, but I was happy to do so. I took some time to drive around and look at a couple of them, as I'm a big nature lover. I saw all sorts of different wild birds and other reservoir critters out and about, and the land around these reservoirs was both untouched and breathtakingly beautiful. I spoke to a few locals about what life is like there, and everyone was very friendly.

The Hiking

I wanted to continue with my outdoorsy day by jumping on one of the many hiking trails that were there to be found. The number of trails was quite exciting considering the fact that Sutherlin is home to only about 8,000 people. I walked along Sutherlin Creek from downtown and enjoyed the green rolling hills and pine trees that cover the landscape, giving this place its identity. This was also a place where I found a lot of different locals out and about, hiking themselves, riding bicycles or making sure that their dogs were tired.

The Dining

There were a surprising number of choices available for dinner in such a small city, but I heard about an Italian place that had earned a loyal following. It didn't look like much when I pulled into the parking lot, but the food was definitely worth the short wait. I ordered the lasagna, and it was stacked high with cheese and sauce, and the sausage included gave the entire thing a level of flavor that was hard to beat. I ate hungrily and enjoyed the Oregon wine they paired with it.

HotelTonight – Sutherlin, Oregon Hotels

After such a filling meal, I was ready to get some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Sutherlin, Oregon hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to get to sleep, happy that I finally took some time to enjoy a community on my route.