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Have you ever driven a stretch of an interstate, perhaps repeatedly, and suddenly found yourself wondering what actually happens on a day-day basis in these little communities that thousands of people zoom past every hour? I never found myself doing that until recently, as I drive up and down Interstate 5 in the western portion of the United States nearly every week. I have always been fascinated with Oregon for some reason, and when you take Interstate 5 through the Beaver State you see a lot of these communities that all look so lovely from the highway. One day, a series of random events left me in the southern portion of the state with 24 hours all to myself. I decided, instead of just driving to my destination a day ahead of time, to put that time to use. I wanted to explore one of these little communities. I was going to spend the next day experiencing a place called Canyonville. Even though it's small, I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay. My HotelTonight app would find me a Canyonville hotel room as soon as I was ready to get some sleep.

The Creek

Canyonville is a smaller community that sits above Canyon Creek. The creek itself is like something you'd see in a classic portrait. It cuts through an area below the town, and it's as clean and clear as any drinking water you'll see in any high-end store. There are little waterfalls that appear every couple of hundred feet, and I saw quite a few local fly fishermen wading around and pulling up plump, bright trout and putting them into their old-time baskets. It was quite something to see and let me know that when dinnertime came, I'd be looking for some fresh seafood.

The Hiking

I decided to continue with my active/outdoorsy theme for the day by jumping on one of the many trails that sit near Canyonville. The town sits near forest land that's protected, and as soon as I got into it a bit I could see why these steps were taken. These forests are almost surreal in their beauty. The tree cover is so thick you can't even see the sky above, but that's just fine as the scene underneath the canopy is like a world of its own. There are rocks that add some variety to the soft and rolling hills.

The Dining

I felt like I had completed my quest for fresh trout when a lady told me about a local place that serves them right out of the creek. I went in and ordered the trout plate, but first I had some nice local beer and a great conversation with a couple of patrons. The trout was exactly what I had hoped for: it was plump, juicy and tasty, and you could almost sense the flavor of the clean water in which it lived. It was fantastic.

HotelTonight – Canyonville Hotels Near You

After such a great dinner, it was time to call it a night. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Canyonville hotel room in seconds. It wasn't far away, and I looked forward to sleeping well in the knowledge that I had finally seen one of these roadside communities.

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