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Sitting along the Connecticut River, the town of Hanover, New Hampshire is one of the prettiest towns in New England. Hanover is regularly ranked as one of the best places to live in the entire country, and after spending a short weekend in Hanover, I could see why. The village of Hanover is warm and welcoming, and the surrounding countryside overflows with natural beauty. I was instantly in awe of Hanover, and I was so glad I had the chance to spend a couple of days exploring the area. I originally thought I'd have to scramble to find a last-minute hotel in Hanover, New Hampshire, but fortunately, one of my friends told me about HotelTonight. This handy app has now become my go-to travel resource. Through HotelTonight, I was able to find a great Hanover hotel in a matter of minutes, and this hotel became the perfect home base for all of my Hanover adventures.


Hanover is best known for being the home of Dartmouth College, a private Ivy League university that boasts a gorgeous campus. As soon as I booked my Hanover hotel, I knew what I wanted to explore first – the Dartmouth campus. Dartmouth looks and feels like the quintessential East Coast college, with its beautiful red brick buildings and its pretty foliage. I could feel the rich history and culture of the school as I wandered the campus, but I also felt the youthful energy and excitement of the students. My little tour of Dartmouth definitely didn't disappoint.

Mascoma Lake

Since I was visiting Hanover in the summer, I was able to take advantage of all of the great outdoors available in New Hampshire, which was ideal, since there is so much beautiful natural scenery all over the state. When I woke up to a particularly warm morning, I decided to do as the locals do and threw on a swimsuit and headed to the lake. Mascoma Lake is a beautiful 1,158-acre lake nearby Hanover, and locals flock to this pretty body of water whenever they want to go boating or cool off with a nice swim.

The Arts

Given that the town is home to an Ivy League college, it didn't surprise me that Hanover has quite an exceptional arts scene. While I didn't have time to really immerse myself in the city's arts and cultural scene, I did have enough time to get a good taste of it. I visited both the Hood Museum of Art and the Hopkins Center for the Arts while in Hanover, and it made me realize how important the arts are in this town. I began to truly understand just how lucky Hanover locals are, and just why this city is regularly ranked as one of the top places to live in the U.S.

Appalachian Trail

To be honest, I didn't realize that the Appalachian Trail stretched all the way up to New Hampshire – but that's just my poor knowledge of geography, I suppose. Nevertheless, I was surprised to discover that Hanover locals enjoy hiking the Appalachian Trail, and since it was a gorgeous summer day, I decided to join the locals on the trail and enjoy an afternoon hiking among some of the prettiest natural scenery in the country. Even though my hike was short (I only had time for a four mile round trip hike), I was exhausted by the time I was done – exhausted in a good way, though, because I had just spent hours soaking in the beautiful nature of the Appalachian Trail.

Main Street

Obviously, I couldn't come all the way to Hanover without spending some time strolling down its beautiful Main Street. This quintessential American Main Street is home to great restaurants, bakeries, cafes and shops. As the commercial epicenter in Hanover, Main Street is a must-visit while in town. Plus, some of the best restaurants in the city are located along Main Street, so you can bet I enjoyed several delicious meals here. I was glad that my hotel was located near Main Street, because I was able to walk to Main Street whenever I was in the mood for a coffee, some gelato or a mouthwatering Japanese meal.

HotelTonight – You'll Love These Hanover NH Hotels

I didn't have long to spend in Hanover, New Hampshire, but I do feel like I made the most of my time by exploring as much as I could with the mindset of a local. I love hitting local spots whenever I travel, because I feel that's the real way to understand the culture of a city. Fortunately, I was able to do just that on my recent New Hampshire trip because of HotelTonight, which made it so easy for me to find the perfect Hanover, NH hotel. Whenever I need to find a great deal on a hotel in a pinch, I know I can rely on HotelTonight.

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How many hotels are in Hanover?

There are 6 hotels in Hanover available from Hotel Tonight.

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In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Hanover have been as low as $299, though the average room costs closer to $354 per night.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $207 to $364 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in July